Hskart Reviews {July 2020} Is It a Legit Online Store?

Hskart Reviews {July 2020} Is It a Legit Online Store?

Hskart Reviews {July 2020} Is It a Legit Online Store? >> This review is directed towards a specific e-commerce store dealing with stationery stickers.

Do you love labeling and organizing all your things? Because what we have for you will excite you, if your answer is yes. 

Most people in the United States love buying stationery and organizers. The demand is ever-growing, which has led to the rise of so many big and small dealers of such items online; while many are honest and faithful, others have put up a store as a front for scams and frauds.      

We found Hskart, a stationery sticker store, as we were looking for new websites to review for you. If you want to, but something from this website but does not know if you can trust it, we will help you figure out the right from wrong. 

The Hskart Reviews are sought after giving you an answer to any questions coming up in your mind. We guarantee that the information we provide is reliable, and after you read it cautiously, you will be able to decide id spending here will be a good idea.

What is Hskart?

Hskart is an e-commerce store where you can find so many different types of stationery stickers. These are available in different shapes, patterns, and designs.

The stickers are beautiful and can be used for so many purposes. They can be used for labeling food ingredients and spices in the kitchen, and they can be used as name tags, and so many more. 


  • Website: E-commerce sticker stationery store
  • Website URL- https://www.Hskart.com/
  • Phone: +(216)8496695 
  • Address- 15 Mill Springs Dr, Fredericksburg, VA 22406 United States 
  • Recipient- Austin Fogel
  • Payment method- using PayPal (online transfers)
  • Delivery fee- Free within the United States 
  • Worldwide Shipping- yes. Except for Russia, Singapore, and Indonesia
  • Processing time- one business day
  • Overnight Shipping- available on some items 
  • Standard Delivery- 7-10 business days
  • Express Shipping- No information available
  • Return: Within 30 Days of purchase
  • Exchange-yes
  • Refund- Yes, within 30 days of a triumphant return
  • Email: contact@hskart.site

What are the PROs of Hskart?

  • Their policy gives you a generous 30-day window to return an item. 
  • You can pay safely and efficiently using PayPal.
  • The products are lovely. 
  • Their exchange policy is relatively simple.

What are the CONs of Hskart?

  • The age of the website is only one month. 
  • Their social media presence is nil.
  • The price range of the products are too high for the quality they offer
  • The website has no WTO ratings.
  • No customers have reviewed the products.
  • The images of the products are fake.
  • The office address is fake.
  • The contact number is wrong.
  • The email address is not legit.

Is Hskart legit or scam?

There are so many things that we want to share with you about this website. To start, we have mentioned in so many of our Hskart Reviews that websites that are less than 3 months old should not be trusted. Here again, Hskart was launched only one month ago.

The next thing is that the website has listed only 12 items listed. It is peculiar to them to contain such a small number of products. 

The price of the products also bothers us. We cannot ever believe that 60 stationery stickers can be bought at $25 only. We feel that it is too good to be true. We should also mention that the pictures of the products are also fake along with other fake products.

The next major problem is the fake address. The contact number that the owners have provided is also wrong. All these signs point to only one thing. Therefore, we can say that Hskart is a scam, and we advise you to stay away from it. 

What are people speaking about Hskart?

The Hskart Reviews on the internet are all very negative; though, there are no customer endorsements or even feedbacks. Hskart is not a common name in the United States as people are not talking about it much.

Some video content is available on YouTube that says that everything about this website is fake. 

Final Verdict

Hskart is an unsafe website, and we do not sanction it as an authentic place to buy for stationery stickers. Please try and browse other websites for the safer buying experience and satisfaction. 

We wrote Hskart Reviews to protect you from the evils of internet shopping. If you have anything more to speak about, our comment section is always available for your experiences and feedback. Let us know how we can be more helpful. 

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