How To Update Among Us On Computer (Nov) Complete Guide!

How To Update Among Us On Computer (Nov) Complete Guide!

How To Update Among Us On Computer (Nov) Complete Guide! >> The write-up is based on thorough research to give complete information to update the game on the computer.

How to Update Among Us on Computer – Are you a fan of Among Us and want to get updated with the latest news about the game? Then this post is for you. The trending news in the gaming community about the Among Us game is the news released recently on updating the computer game. The game can be accessed on Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows in the United States and worldwide.

If you’re wondering about the up-gradation of Among Us and want to fix the bugs, follow the simple steps written below.

Introduction to Among Us

Among Us is an online multiplayer game that is played in two teams, Crewmates and Imposters. The game is published by Innersloth Game Studio in the year 2018 which is played in a space-themed setting. 

Here, crewmates have to complete the task given many hurdles, and imposters stop crewmates from doing so. This way, the game became exciting to play and became popular in the United States and globally. The below guide helps you to understand How to Update Among Us on Computer?

Methods to update Among Us on Computer

The Among Us update can be done manually or automatically for PC, Laptop, or Android-based on the device you use. To know the details which is out over the internet follow the instruction mentioned below.

How to update Among Us on Computer?

Currently, the update of Among Us is available only for computers using steam. Ideally, the up-gradation of all games in the library is done automatically on steam to its latest version. Suppose auto up-gradation is switched off or update is not done automatically, then please follow the easy steps below.

Method 1: This method is the easiest way to update by hitting the update button on the computer screen. You can try the same for Laptops; Android phones as well; many write-ups available on the internet on game Up-gradation details.

  • Open the steam find ‘Library’ button on the top, and click on it.
  • On the left sidebar, click on the Among Us provided.
  • You will find a blue-colored Update button instead of the Play button. Click on it to update initiation.
  • These simple and clear steps answer the most asked question, How to Update Among Us on Computer?

Method 2: To update all the files in the game Among Us

  • Go to the steam app and click on the library button at the top.
  • On the left side of the PC, find the Among Us button and right-click on it, where you will find a list of games.
  • Go to properties and click on the ‘Local files, ‘which at the top of the PC
  • Here you will find ‘verify Integrity of game’ please click on it.
  • Here computer checks for all the games in files and outdated versions of it and automatically updates. This method is a little lengthy and takes around ten minutes to finish the process based on the type of device, speed, and storage you use. 


The article can be concluded here for How to Update Among Us on Computer? It is based on careful examination and analysis. The famous game in the game world among the youths and children has released the news to update the Among Us on the PC is by following the simple steps mentioned above. We suggest you check the methods and enjoy the game online.

If you know anything about the Among Us up-gradation, please write to us in the comments section below.

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