Making Money 101: How To Sell NFTs

Making Money 101: How To Sell NFTs

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are increasingly growing in popularity. These little-understood digital gems are garnering international attention as some are being purchased and sold for massive numbers.

But have you ever wondered how to sell NFTs for yourself? Wonder no more, because we have just the guide for you.

Why NFTs?

So you might be worried that this is just a trend and NFTs are here today and gone tomorrow, but the truth is NFTs are here to stay. The reason we can declare that with certainty is that the concept is a clear evolution of how we like to live and interact with others.

NFTs may not have a physical presence like a book or a decoration your purchase, but it is that same physical reality that makes the possessions you have now impossible to really share with others.

You may buy a piece of art or a decoration because it expresses who you are or you enjoy it, and in the digital age, we like to express ourselves online, where everyone can see it and interact. An NFT gives people the opportunity to share these things with the world in a brand new way.

How To Sell NFTs

Because NFTs live in digital space, buying and selling NFTs requires a special marketplace where you can trade them. Right now, savvy investors are using these marketplaces for making extra income as they turn NFTs into side hustles.

There are plenty of NFT marketplaces out there for you to set up an account and start buying and selling right away. But, when it comes to how to make money, you need to be smart in how and what you choose to invest.

Making Money

If you clicked on this article, the likelihood is you have worked up to this point and you are looking for ways to sell NFTs yourself and earn a profit.

There are a couple of options.

First, if you are a very skilled trader, you can buy and sell NFTs like stocks. This requires in-depth knowledge to ensure you see a return on your investment and is typically left to professionals.

Or, a different option for those looking to get involved in NFTs, you can create your own.

How To Create an NFT

There are a number of platforms right now that allow you to create NFTs in the simplest way possible. Mintable, Rarible, and OpenSea are three different sites that allow you to create NFTs in just a few clicks.

They feature a ‘Create’ button located in the upper right corner which when clicked, allows you to upload images and attributes that you may want to turn into an NFT.

From here, you can add elements to make the image and artworks more unique before finishing and becoming the proud new owner/creator of a brand new NFT.

All That’s Left To Do Is Sell!

We hope that you found this article useful in understanding more about how to sell NFTs and make it into a viable stream of income for yourself.

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