How to Play Among Us Proximity Chat on Mobile {Dec 2020}  Let Us Know

How to Play Among Us Proximity Chat on Mobile {Dec 2020} Let Us Know

How to Play Among Us Proximity Chat on Mobile {Dec 2020} Let Us Know >> Want to know about the fantastic feature of Among Us? Is that is workable on mobile too? Then read the article.

People are fond of online gaming these days. All love to spend time on online gaming as we contact new friends and face new experiences and challenges every day. Out of all the online games, one of the popular games is Among Us, which is becoming popular in Canada, United States, United Kingdom.

In today’s article, we will share the details of the game and answer the question How to play Among Us Proximity Chat on Mobile? Stay tuned with us.

What do you know about Proximity chat in Among Us?

As all of you are aware of this popular game Among Us. It is an online game where ten people are put in an alien spaceship, and all are assigned their roles and challenges. The game posses several exciting features for the players. One of the features possessed by it is proximity chat, which mimics and shows sound traveling in real life.

This feature is fantastic as it adds a real sound effect to the game. If any crewmate or the imposter comes close to you, the sound becomes louder, and in this way, the player gets alert. Moreover, with the help of this feature, crewmate can easily listen through walls. This makes the task of imposter more difficult.

By getting the features’ details, you might be interested to know How to Play Among Us Proximity Chat on Mobile? – To know this, carry on your reading.

Step by Step Instructions 

This game is famous worldwide for covering the central area of Canada, the United Kingdom, United States. Many of readers are curious to know whether proximity chats can be done on mobile. We are going to share the steps to get proximity chat on mobile. If you follow these instructions mentioned below step by step then you will finally get your answer of How to Play Among Us Proximity Chat on Mobile?

  1. Download Discord app from Google play store or app store.
  2. If you already have your account, its okay if not, then make it by fulfilling all the requirements.
  3. Now click on the plus icon available as soon as you sign in to your account and choose the option of joining or creating the server as per your wish.
  4. If you join your friend server, then you will be provided with an invite link to join.
  5. In case you create your server, you can share your link with your friends to join you.
  6. Now once you enter the server, then open the menu, and you will be able to see the two option text channel and voice channel.
  7. So, to use proximity chat, click on the voice channel, and you will enter into the channel.
  8. As soon as you enter, it will ask for permission to join voice, so you will be able to talk by agreeing to it.


By going through all the instructions, one can easily use proximity chat on mobile and enjoy the unique feature provided by the Among Us. I hope readers get their answer to the question How to Play Among Us Proximity Chat on Mobile? So, continue your gaming and enjoy.

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