How to Get Twitch Pet in Among Us (Dec) Step-By-Step

How to Get Twitch Pet in Among Us (Dec) Step-By-Step

How to Get Twitch Pet in Among Us (Dec) Step-By-Step -> Want to have twitch glitch pet for free? Here is the complete guide to get your personal pet in Among Us.

Wondering how to get twitch pet in among us? If yes, so this post shared about a complete guide. 

Having Pets in among us provides extreme fun and entertainment in our lives. And this is completely new that players now get a chance to get a free Pet from the twitch promotion.  

Are you excited? So let’s dive into the guide. 

Among us is a top-rated and multiplayer online game in the United States that has been played by millions of players online. Thus, we are familiar with all characters are on among us that looks same but different with colors. The players have an opportunity to customize the characters as per their choice by using hats, skin, pets, and masks. 

To know how to get twitch pet in among us, continue reading. 

What is among us?

Among us was launched in 2018, but with the coronavirus pandemic, this games comes into existence and gain huge popularity worldwide. Currently, the game has over 90 million downloads in the United States and other countries as well from different devices.  

It is multiplayer game in which 10players are assigned to the Alien Spaceship, sky headquarters, and planets and each player is elected with roles of impostor and crewmate. This game is also popular as social deduction game as player can play it with multiple friends online using WI-FI.

Here’s we are talking how to get twitch pet in among us

How to play among us?

Among us is a game of survival where both teams’ crewmates and imposters have to survive for long. In the game, the crewmate team has to vote off all the imposters to stay in the game and win. Whereas imposters have to stop the crewmates, so they do not complete the task. 

Basically, it is the group game where your only goal is to survive in the game by defeating others. In the game PC players receive dressing room where they can style themselves by using hats and skins when they purchased. Whereas mobile users have the opportunity to wear hats for free but for skins they have to buy the version. Players on any platform need to know how to get twitch pet in among us

How to get twitch Pet in among us free?

If you would like to get twitch glitch pet for free, so it is possible now. The game is giving free pets until December 28. The twitch logo or sweet icon will follow the opposite player around us and identify the players who are killed. For example if the player is dies, the pet will remain alive and showed where the player is killed and where is his body, remembrance their friend. 

To get twitch pet in among us, the players need to perform some steps including watching some videos online on how to get twitch pet in among us on the rival game channels. It is the good idea to get pets; here you have to perform the steps.

Steps to follow:

To get twitch glitch pets in among us, you have to follow the given steps.

  • First, watch the Twitch rivals among us showdown shows for 30 minutes at least from December 2- December 18. 
  • Once you have watched the showdown for 30minutes or more, you will receive twitch pet in the chat box.
  • Now, claim the pet to use it in the game.

How to connect twitch glitch pet with your among us account?

Your final task after collecting the pet from the showdown streaming is connecting your twitch with game or yours among us gaming account. To do it, follow the given steps.

  • Open you are among us account and click on the cog for settings.
  • Now click on the data button and the click twitch icon.
  • Then move next and click on manage data collection button and twitch glitch button.
  • Log into your twitch account and authorize it.
  • The twitch glitch is unlocked.

The Bottom Line

Twitch glitch pet is an amazing feature in among us that we have never seen in other online games. Here’s how to get twitch pet in among us. I hope this information will prove best for you and your game play. Keep in mind follow the all steps carefully and don’t forget to watch rival streaming for 30 minutes. 

Now only limited days are left, so hurry up and claim the twitch glitch pet. How’s this post, do share with us in comments. 

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