How To Get Crown Of Madness Roblox (Nov) More About It!

How To Get Crown Of Madness Roblox (Nov) More About It!

How To Get Crown Of Madness Roblox (Nov) More About It! >> The write-up is based on the research to give detailed information about the event in the popular game-play.

How to Get Crown of Madness Roblox – The latest news trending in the Roblox High School gameplay is about the new event released recently on the Roblox Group. The gameplay is available for android, iOS, and all Microsoft for free. 

Many people asking about the procedure to Get Crown of Madness Roblox? and are curious to know about the crown. To help players to know about the feature, this post is written by listing the vital information.

The game is popular among youths worldwide, like the Philippines, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. For more details, please read the post till the end.

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What is Crown of Madness Roblox?

The Roblox game is a customized role-playing game, and characters in the game can be changed by using costumes in the shop provided. This way, the game’s personality becomes unique and special, which is played in a group. 

The Roblox group released the Crown of Madness on 17th November 2020 in the Avatar Shop. Getting the crown of madness is not simple. To get the crown of madness, one has to play the Piggy Book 2 series Level 1. 

After completing the series of tasks, one will know How to Get Crown of Madness Roblox for free. 

Step by Step Procedure to get Crown of Madness in Roblox

Note: Play the game in a group. And if you click the door more than one time, the dies will disappear.

  • Click on the play button and select Piggy Book 2 allies’ Chapter 1.
  • Once the game starts, keep walking to complete the game.
  • Unlock the doors with keys and scissors.
  • Unlock the red lock and clean the floor with a mop, wait for five minutes; after that, knock on the door. Please follow further steps to get informed about How to Get Crown of Madness Roblox?
  • Here you will hear a series of knocks, count them and move to the diner, find red die on the floor near the bench.
  • Choose the number on the die, the same as the number knocks you heard.
  • Repeat the steps to get the green die and change the die number the number of times you heard the knocks.
  • Now the steps are repeated to get the blue die. Repeat the procedure as you did for red and green die.
  • Going back to the door and clicking on it, the door will open.
  • Enter the room with all your team and switch off the lights to help the elephant escape from the room.
  • By pushing the lever in the opposite direction unlocks the other door,
  • On which several lines pasted. By putting the number obtained from three dies door will open, you can escape the room along with your friend and elephant. Here you get the secret reward and crown of madness. 


Based on the research here, we can conclude about How to Get Crown of Madness Roblox. The game is more interesting to play by completing a series of the task assigned and unlocking the door with a combination of numbers obtained on the die, here you will get the reward and crown of madness.

If you are a game lover and fan of Roblox creation, then we suggest you to check out the event available online for free. If you know anything about the event, please write to us your words in the comments section provided below.

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