How To Fix Real Debrid Not Working {July 2021} Get Solution!

How To Fix Real Debrid Not Working {July 2021} Get Solution!

How To Fix Real Debrid Not Working {July 2021} Get Solution!>> Real Debrid is an unrestricted installer service or multi-hoster service which contains thousands of high-quality server links and files.

The files help users to stream content without buffering problems or working with dead links. Real debrid allows users to access quality and smooth content. The service is free and paid, but the best-guaranteed option to work with is the premium version.  The real debrid is legal, offering the best streaming services for your device. 

Real Debrid not working issue

  • VPN not working 

On rare occasions, will the real debrid device stop working? When a problem occurs, the problem is generated from the VPN not pairing. The user can quickly resolve the issue with the following steps:

  • First, the user needs to un-pair the Real Debrid link from the Kodi addon.
  • Next, close the app on your device. It would be best if you force close the apps so they won’t run in the background.
  • Proceed and disconnect the VPN service.  
  • After some time, re-launch the addon or application on your device.
  • Now pair the real debrid account again.
  • Turn on the VPN service and check whether the problem is gone.
  • VPN version

In case the problem persists, the user can use a different VPN service. Real Debrid is designed to accommodate different VPN services, thus making it easy to change to any version. 

  • Expired premium 

The real Debrid link might also not work if the user has not paid their subscription premiums. There are different payment plans based on the subscriber’s abilities. The user can check the expiry dates if it is past the payment date and check whether it will work.  

Why use a VPN service?

VPN is a handy tool for any online streaming service, and if you wish to get your hands on it, here is a great place to do it. Though Real debris is a legal service, users should implement a good VPN service while streaming any links. The majority of the streams tamper with the piracy and privacy policies of the content. The content creators have the right to sue anyone utilizing their services without any copyright permission. The government and ISP are constantly shutting down application and streaming services offering illegal streams. VPN will work best for your actual debris and help hide your IP address, streaming data, and user identity.

How to sign up on Real debrid

  • Open Real Debrid website page via the link 
  • On the homepage menu, click “sign up.”
  • The option will direct you to a signup form where you will enter the password and email address.
  • The system will verify the details and send an activation email. You need to confirm the registration. 
  • Click the email link to activate the account.
  • Go to the Real Debrid web page and click the login button to access all the services.

Real Debrid payment plans

  • 15 days: 3 Euros 
  • 30 days: 4 Euros 
  • 90 days: 9 Euros
  • 180 days: 16 Euros.

Once you subscribe to any of the plans, you’re eligible for fidelity points. The points can be converted to help users access premium services.  The fidelity points start from 150 points to 1000 points based on the plan.

How to set up Real Debrid on Kodi 

  • First, open Kodi on your device and proceed to the Kodi homepage.
  • Click the Kodi settings tab to continue.
  • Next, click the option indicates as “basic” until it changes to “advance.”
  • Choose your preferred addon on the page and click “manage dependencies.”
  • Proceed down and click “URL Resolver” >configure.
  • Next, click “Universal Resolvers on the new page.
  • Now take down your cursor until you get to the “real debrid tab.
  • Click the “priority” tab enter the value “90” using your mouse or keyboard, and click “done.”
  • Proceed and click “OK”>configure >Universal Resolver> Real Debrid.
  • Now click the Re-authorize my account tab.
  • Ensure to sign in before clicking the re-authorize tab.
  • The system will send a code on the page, enter the code to proceed.
  • Now click the “continue button.
  • If no problem occurs during the process, you will get a Real debrid resolver authorization.

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