How to Clean Your Bedroom in Easy Steps

How to Clean Your Bedroom in Easy Steps

How to Clean Your Bedroom: Cleaning your bedroom does not just make it aesthetically pleasing, but it can help you get better sleep, reduce stress and prevent allergies that may come with a dirty room. Here are a few steps you can follow to get a clean, organized room that will contribute to better sleep and a happier lifestyle. 

How to Clean Your Bedroom in easy steps

  • Declutter the room 

To declutter the bedroom, start by taking out all items you do not really need. You only want essential furniture and items to avoid taking up too much space in the room with unnecessary items. Make a list of things you only relay need and get rid of the other things to create a clean, relaxing environment. 

Don’t forget to up everything from the floor during this step. Sometimes, a room is messy and other times it’s just full of clutter. Maybe you forgot some slippers or shoes next to the bed, or an empty water bottle and this can make the room seem messy

Collect and throw away all trash in your bedroom. Trash can be something as simple as a pen cap on the floor, boxes from items you ordered online, or even some clothes you do not plant on ever wearing again. Taking out all trash in your bedroom will immediately change how the whole place looks. 

  • Fold and store your clean clothes appropriately 

First, if you have any dirty clothes lying around the bedroom, you need to take care of that. Make sure you have a basket for dirty clothes to avoid placing them anywhere in the room or throwing them around and mixing them in with your clean clothes. 

If you have clean clothes, you just took out from the laundry, the best step would be to fold them and store them appropriately. If you leave them lying around on the bed or lounge chair, you will find it hard to fold them and eventually cause more clatter in the room. Folding and storing them in your closet will make the bedroom clean and more organized

  • Clean your bed

To clean your bed, you first need to strip the bed of all sheets and beddings. It is advisable that you change your sheets weekly for a clean bed and to promote healthy sleep. To live up to this standard, you need to have at least three pairs of sheets that you can interchange for easy cleaning. Take out all sheets and replace them with new ones. Make sure to clean the pillow cases too as they also collect dust, dirt and sweat during the week. 

  • Next, you need to clean the mattress.

If you have been using your mattress for long, you should consider changing it. No amount of cleaning can really change an old mattress. After a while of usage, mattresses tend to pick up dust, dirt, sweat and more. Changing your mattress will provide you with a cleaner bed and in turn improve the quality and quantity of sleep you get. 2022 furniture assessments can help you get the best modern mattress of your choice that will give you better sleep and keep your bedroom looking clean. 

  • Clean all surfaces

Once you have decluttered the room, it will be easier for you to start cleaning. Furniture is prone to collecting dust, dirt and grim especially during dry summer season when there is more dust in the air. For a light cleaning session, a feather duster can come in handy to remove dust off all your furniture and surfaces in the bedroom. In case you are going for a deep clean, a small rug dipped into soapy water with a disinfectant should do the trick. Cleaning the surfaces regularly should prevent build up which will eliminate the need for constant deep cleaning in the bedroom. 

While cleaning the room, do not forget to wipe down all your windows and mirrors. Many people tend to forget that windows and mirrors are huge dust collectors. Dusting down your mirrors should keep them clean but as for the windows, you will need to wipe them down with some window cleaners. 

Take out your curtains and clean them. You will be surprised how much a clean curtain can really change the way your whole room looks. Dirty, dusty curtains tend to take away from the cleanliness of the bedroom. 

Finally, vacuum the room

Once you are done, the final step is to vacuum the room. Clean floors are the finishing touch to a beautiful, clean bedroom. Vacuum all your rags and floor. If you do not have any curtains, you can do a little mopping to take it to the next level. Finally! You now have a clean room.

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