How To Beat Identity Fraud Roblox (Nov) Full Tutorial!

How To Beat Identity Fraud Roblox (Nov) Full Tutorial!

How To Beat Identity Fraud Roblox (Nov) Full Tutorial! >> The post shares details about the tricks and methods to beat the game’s monsters and levels to succeed.  

Identity Fraud is a series of horror games on the popular gaming platform Roblox. The gameplay seems to be comfortable as players have to pass through the mazes and solve the puzzles. However, it is not easy for many gamers in the United States in reality, and they are finding a reliable guide on How to Beat Identity Fraud Roblox.   

Identity Fraud is a successful first-person maze game with more than 18M visits and 104K likes. Players worldwide enjoy playing the game on Roblox, and they often get defeated by the monsters in the game. So, they are finding tricks and methods to beat the levels successfully. 

The gameplay is simple, and players need to use the MOUSE to interact with the game server and click the required buttons. It is the fun-filled games where players come across multiple monsters who try to kill them. Let us find out how to beat these monsters and win the game. 

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What is Identity Fraud Roblox?

Identity Fraud Roblox is the first person horror-themed maze game where players have to go through different mazes and solve the puzzles without getting killed by the monsters. The gameplay seems easy, but there are many hurdles and monsters in between, killing the in-game character. So, players in the United States are finding a reliable guide on How to Beat Identity Fraud Roblox.

As you start the game, you are landed in an unknown area where you have to pass through the mazes and escape the monsters on the way. The players have to find out the hexadecimal and morse to make it their way to the final boss and kill him to complete the level. 

Let us know how to beat the game and find the final boss to kill him to win.

How to Beat Identity Fraud Roblox

  • James – This is the character that can’t see but detect the movements of the players. So, when he is close to you, stand still without movement. If he detects your character, it may cause damage to the character. 
  • Fraud – There are many ways to know if the Fraud monster is near you. If you see a player, don’t go closer to the players; instead, turn in the opposite direction and move.
  • Stan – Stan is the master of stares, and he follows you wherever you move. He can kill you instantly, and hence you must run away from his screams to stay safe.
  • Ralph – This monster will appear as a zombie in the perished version of grudge. If she starts screaming, it means she will kill your character in one single strike unless you look or run away from her.     

These were some of the game monsters that players have to beat to win the level and find the final boss. Use this guide on How to Beat Identity Fraud Roblox to win the game with ease. 

Final Thought 

If you are playing the game passionately and want to beat the monsters to win the level, use these tricks. It will help you beat the monsters and the level of the game to succeed. However, you have to be careful when playing the game as there is no surety from where the monster will appear. 

So, keep a keen eye on the monsters in the game. Prefer avoiding them as much as possible to succeed in the game levels. Use the tricks mentioned in the guide on How to Beat Identity Fraud Roblox to lead in the game.    

If there is something to add about the game, please share it in the comments section.

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