How to Be Mini Crewmate in Among Us (Nov) Explore Now!

How to Be Mini Crewmate in Among Us (Nov) Explore Now!

How to Be Mini Crewmate in Among Us (Nov) Explore Now! >> This article will assist you and solve your questions regarding the Among Us game.

Do you want to know How to Be Mini Crewmate in Among Us?

In this article, we will tell you how you can get it. 

Recently, the game among us has seen a massive rise in streaming all over the United States. Now almost every second person around the globe is having a craze over this game. As we all know, this game board on the internet in 2018. There is a reason behind it, and the reason is people all over the world is struggling to stay safe in this pandemic by staying back at their homes. 

While the people stayed, they enjoyed this game and made it a massive hit by playing and streaming this to the unlimited audience over social media platforms.

One by one, we will disclose everything about this game to be alert and enjoy this game with all your heart. Every single match of this game is unique and simply unforgettable for everyone. 

There is an imposter between the crewmates who silently kills everyone in the spaceship in this game, as this game is space-themed. 

Read this article to get a detailed insight into this topic. 

How can you be a mini crewmate?

Today, we will be answering your question on How to Be Mini Crewmate in Among UsIf you are a fan of Among us, you must be knowing that the crewmates have to find out who the imposter is and all this while they also have to finish up their tasks in this game

There are ten pets in this among us game that includes Squib, Bedcrab, Brainslug, UFO, Dog, Hamster, Henry, Mini Crewmate, Robot and Ellie. The appearance of every pet are different from the others. You can find some pets adorable, while some of the pets are aggressive. 

Let us tell you How to Be Mini Crewmate in Among Us. Firstly, join a public or a private lobby.

After this, click on the Customize button in which you can find the dollar sign; once you click on the dollar (the currency of the United States) sign, you can see plenty of options available for the pet purchase in the store in which you can purchase them at $2.99 per pet bundle. 

Final Verdict 

We disclosed that you could not have a pet bundle without buying them for $2.99 per bundle. 

Many people can find this unfair and say that they can enjoy this game without any characters or crewmates’ additional purchase. You can enjoy this game without any purchase, but still, if you want to know How to Be Mini Crewmate in Among Us, then you should be reading this article in the first place. 

The purchased pets are so adorable that they mourn on your corpse when you die. The animations of this game is fantastic and very addictive. 

Let us also tell you that you cannot equip more than one pet at a time. The purchased pet uses the same color as the parent. The animations used in these pets are addictive as these pets react sadly when the parent kills the parent. 

So, here we are at our end, and we are sure that all your queries have been solved in this How to Be Mini Crewmate in Among Us

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