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Hot Fat Wheels Electric Scooter [Oct] Read And Then Buy!

Hot Fat Wheels Electric Scooter 2020
Hot Fat Wheels Electric Scooter [Oct] Read And Then Buy! >> This post will help you in verifying the credibility of the product that is an electric scooter.

Are you planning to buy an electric bike? If yes, this article will help you find out about the Hot Fat Wheels Electric Scooter in detail. 

We all have some responsibility towards our planet because it is our home, and to save our mother earth, we should create a pollution free environment. Due to this reason, the experts have invented Electric Scooter. 

As we all know, in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom people don’t go anywhere without cars even if they have to cover the shortest distance, they prefer using a car. For those people, this Electric Scooter is worth buying as it comes with several benefits.

Furthermore, it is the fastest charging and easy to use scooter. It is unlike those bulky and heavy standards scooters that we all find in the market since it is designed to provide you comfort in every manner.

What is Hot Fat Wheels Electric Scooter?

It is an advanced invention by the experts, or you can say that it is the one step forward to save the mother earth from the effect of pollution. This Electric Scooter includes several features that you won’t find in any other ordinary scooter of this range

Here are some features of Hot Fat Wheels Electric ScooterIt is affordable, easy to use, light-weighted, comes with a powerful battery with fast charging support, and comes in four different colors. 

This electric scooter’s maximum speed is 50km/h, with a safe working load of 200 kg. Its battery is made of lithium 60V 12AH, with the charging time of 6-8h, and the range per charge is 40-60km. Similarly, this bike includes a Bluetooth speaker and Led lights. Its net weight is 52kg, 50% lighter than the standard scooters presented in the market.

These scooters are safe to run on heavy traffic roads of the United States and the United Kingdom. So you don’t have to worry about this matter. However, it comes with three years of excellent working life.

What are the specifications of Hot Fat Wheels Electric Scooter?

  • The voltage of this bike is 60V. 
  • The charging time of this electric bike is 6-8H. 
  • The bike takes a 40-60km range per charge.
  • The battery life of this scooter is a 60V 12AH Lithium battery.
  • The maximum speed of this bike is 50Km/h. 
  • The maximum load-carrying capacity of the bike is 200kg.
  • The brand name of the bike is YIDE. 
  • The power of the bike is 1001-2000W.
  • The size of the tire is 18 X 9.5 inches. 
  • The motor power of the bike is 1000W. 
  • The additional features of the bike are a Bluetooth speaker and LED lights.
  • The net weight of the scooter is 52 kg. 
  • The approximation price range of the bike is $280-$666. 

What are the advantages of buying a Hot Fat Wheels Electric Scooter?

  • This scooter is 100% environment friendly. 
  • It is light weighted and safe to use. 
  • It comes with fast charging support and a powerful battery.
  • It is suitable to run on any road or platform as its tires are fat and have an excellent grip.
  • It saves fuel and energy. 
  • It comes with three years working like a guarantee.
  • Its body is made using Stainless steel. 
  • It comes in four different colors.
  • It looks stylish due to its design.
  • The offering store for this product is 21+ years old. 

What are the advantages of buying a Hot Fat Wheels Electric Scooter?

  • Hot Fat Wheels Electric Scooter is a bit expensive for some.
  • It is not suitable to cover a long distance.

Is Hot Fat Wheels Electric Scooter Legit?

Indeed this electric scooter includes various features that make its outstanding like it is environment friendly, comes with high power and excellent battery life, contains Bluetooth speaker and LED light, etc.

Alternatively, this bike’s official website is 21+ years old, and the scooter has also gained 4.5-star ratings. It means the buyers are satisfied with the product and its services. But, we haven’t found any reviews over the internet that claims that the product is genuinely reliable.  

Hence, we still leave the final decision to the readers. 

What are the customer’s responses regarding Hot Fat Wheels Electric Scooter?

Undoubtedly, the customers are impressed with the Hot Fat Wheels Electric Scooter and have given 4.5 stars of ratings.


We have stated every essential detail regarding the Hot Fat Wheels Electric Scooter above. We request that you kindly visit the store on your own and verifies everything at your end before reaching on to any conclusion.

Please do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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