Honor band 5 appearance review | Blood oxygen saturation update

Honor band 5 appearance review | Blood oxygen saturation update

Honor band 5 appearance review | Blood oxygen saturation update  >>Many people have seen the index of blood oxygen saturation for the first time.

Blood oxygen saturation is the percentage of the combined capacity of oxygen and hemoglobin in the blood to the total hemoglobin capacity. This time HONOR introduced a new smart band Band 5. It supports blood oxygen saturation monitoring function. This is a function that other products do not yet have. 

In fact, people have some bad habits in their life. Many people stay up late and sleep quality is not good. One of Band 5 ‘s special functions is scientific sleep monitoring. Through sleep improvement services, users’ sleep scores can be improved. Today, let’s take a look at HUAWEI Band 5 review

Before formal use, let’s look at the packaging of Band 5. The packaging of the smart band is simple. The packaging box is designed with plastic hooks for convenient display. The material of the packaging box is not hard paper box. If you buy from the Internet, you should check the appearance of the box when receiving the goods to see whether it was damaged during transportation. 

The information on the Band 5 package is comprehensive. In addition to the relevant information of the product, the back lists the special functions and relevant instructions of the band. It is convenient for consumers to make targeted choices. 

At present, Band 5 has 4 color combinations: meteorite black, midnight blue, coral powder and olive green. The band wristband can be disassembled. Users can replace wristbands of different colors. 

In terms of screen, Band 5 uses a 0.95-inch AMOLED touch color screen with a resolution of 240 × 120. The touch ring at the bottom of the screen is also a more personalized design. The PPI of this screen is as high as 282. The colorful design of the screen is also the best in the band. 

Band 5 has a fuselage size of 43 mm × 17.2 mm × 11.5 mm. Its width control is excellent. The arc-shaped design adopted looks quite good. In addition, the Band 5 weighs only 23 g and is very light. 

In terms of wristbands, besides the detachable design, the material of wristbands is also very soft. The interior of the wristband is smooth and can be closer to the skin. The external grain design not only adds aesthetic feeling to the band, but also plays an anti-skid and wear-resistant role. The length of the two wristbands is 115 mm + 107 mm, and the full opening design can facilitate perspiration in summer, allowing skin to breathe better. At the same time, it can also be suitable for wrists of different sizes. If you are an enthusiast of smart bands, Band 5 will definitely not disappoint you.

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