Honevin.com Reviews (July 2020) Is This A Scam Website?

Honevin.com Reviews (July 2020) Is This A Scam Website?

Honevin.com Reviews (July 2020) Is This A Scam Website? In this article, we are informing you about a website that sells backpacks for children.

Do you think about a perfect backpack that your baby will never deny carrying? Well, Honevin is the one-stop solution for this problem. 

Nowadays, education industries are growing faster than ever, which also comes with lots of books and other related accessories. The burden of so many things might be very tough on those little shoulders of your babies. To lessen that burden and turn it into a fun process Honevin has taken the initiative to create comfortable backpacks. 

Children love the products which look admirable yet cool, and Honevin seems to nurture these desires of your kid as its priority. So this United States-based online store has recently entered the e-commerce platform and appears to be very noble and professional. 

The website looks well organized with some of the essential information required for gaining the trust of its customers. As this website’s domain is freshly registered, we would like to share our Honevin.com Reviews to help the readers make a smart shopping choice!! 

What is Honevin?

Honevin is an e-shop initially based in the United States and claims to sell a wide variety of trendy backpacks for children. You will find cute backpacks of different alluring designs for both boys and girls. The website contains important information like contact details and several supportive policies. 

In the ‘About Us’ section, you will find that Honevin also involves social work by enhancing the education facilities for needy people. They claim to start this good cause in 2011 when they first launched school bags for needy kids. They also claim that with every sale of designer backpacks they provide one free school bag to poor kids with their program ‘One here-one there.’ 

Social work always creates goodwill for any business, but to what extent? Are these claims authentic? Let’s have a look at it further in this Honevin.com Reviews

Specifications of Honevin

  • Company Address- Not Mentioned
  • Contact Number- Not Mentioned
  • Shipping Time- Not Mentioned
  • Shipping Charges- Free
  • Return Policy- Not Mentioned
  • Exchange Policy- Free
  • Refund Policy- Not Mentioned
  • Payment Mode- Multiple option available
  • Privacy Policy- Available
  • Order Tracking- Available

Pros of Honevin 

  • The website looks very professional.
  • The site has 24*7 customer support.
  • The website is involved in social work.
  • The website has an extensive collection of backpacks.
  • The website has a genuine HTTPS connection.
  • The site provides a secure billing and payment method.

Cons of Honevin

  • The domain has registered on 08.07.2020 (before seven days)
  • The domain has a link to more than one country known for fraud websites.
  • The website has no company address or contact details.
  • The site has low traffic and no social media handles.
  • The site has no customer feedbacks, Honevin.com Reviews, or promotional posts on the internet.
  • McAfee or Norton does not secure the site.

Is Honevin.com Legit? 

Honevin is a SCAM site with a lot of drawbacks, this United States-based e-store claims to have excellent quality designer backpacks, but McAfee does not secure the website. This means the website can leak your personal information. You can also see that the site has eye-catching discount offers, but you should never trust online portals with no contact information. 

In this Honevin.com Reviews, we have discovered that this website is very suspicious and trusting it will be an act of a fool. 

What do people think about Honevin? 

As we have mentioned above, Honevin has no customer feedback section on the website and no social media handle. So we were not able to find any comment or review of ordinary people on its products. 

You will also not find any Honevin.com Reviews on the internet as the website is just seven days older. Due to these issues, we cannot say what people are thinking about Honevin, and this also means no one has purchased from the site yet. 

Final Verdict

Honevin is a Scam website, and we would request you not to waste your hard-earned money on its fake claims. We would also like to appreciate your urge to know more about Honevin here as this is a real sense of smart shoppers. 

We know how significant your savings are for you, so we will request you to stay away from these fraudulent websites and not purchase anything from suspicious sites. By any chance, if you have already purchased from the website, please comment below your experience to help others.

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  1. Honevin showed up on Facebook with a claim to sell Lysol wipes and other disinfecting supplies. I used PayPal to pay them. They took the money and I never received any products. It is a definite scam. I tried to reach out to them thru Messenger.(That is where the “help” link took me. I received no response and now Messenger says they are no longer available on Messenger.

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