Home Depot Winner Text Message {Dec} Know Its Reality!

Home Depot Winner Text Message {Dec} Know Its Reality!

In this post, we have discussed the Home Depot Winner Text Message and avoid potential scam messages.

Have you received any Home Depot Winner Messages? Would you like to know if those messages are genuine or not? If yes, tune into the post.

Many people in the United States are receiving Home Depot Winner Messages, and they want to know whether it’s a scam or not. So, in this post, we will discuss the Home Depot Winner Text Message.

About The Home Depot 

The Home Depot, or simply Home Depot, is the country’s biggest home renovation shop, selling tools, building materials, and services. The corporation is based in Cobb County, Georgia, with just an Atlanta postal address.

It has a large number of big box stores around the US, all ten regions of Canada, and all 32 Mexican states, as well as Mexico City. Interline Brands, an MRO firm, has been rebranded by The Home Depot Pro. The Home Depot Pro, which has 70 distribution locations around the United States, is also operated and managed by The Home Depot.

About Home Depot Winner Text Message Scam 

The American leading home renovation store The Home Depot has launched an online survey sweepstake to determine the level of consumer satisfaction. The Home Depot online survey aims to take an insight into consumers’ shopping experience on their views and opinions.

The online survey lottery will run from 1st January 2021 through 31st December 2021. The lottery winner will be revealed, and they will be awarded a $5000 gift card. On the other hand, online scammers are trying to take full advantage of this Home Depot survey prize draw and are delivering spam messages to people across US and Canada. Some Home Depot Winner Text Message scam messages are instructing people to click on a potentially malicious link in order to collect their $100 prize.

Is Home Depot Winner Message Legit?

After assessing various reviews, we have found that Home Depot Online Opinion Survey Sweepstake has mixed reviews. As per some users, the survey is legit, while some scams are also reported related to the study. 

Though the Home Depot store conducts such online surveys sweepstakes and selects the winners for rewarding them with $5000 worth of Home Depot gift cards, it is hard to differentiate between genuine and scam messages.

So, here are some points to consider on Home Depot Winner Text Message:

  • The survey began in January and will finish in December 2021.
  • The shop never selects winners based on the month. This lucky draw shall take place on 8th February 2022, when two random people will be chosen and rewarded.
  • Five days after the draw, the shop will contact the lucky winners through phone or email.
  • The Home Depot Winner Messages consists of a dubious link that sends the visitor to a non-Home Depot website are scams.


We request our readers to consider the details mentioned above on Home Depot Winner Messages to avoid potential Scams. Visit this official Website to know more.

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