Hoi4 Javascript Error (Jan 2021) Fix Now!

Hoi4 Javascript Error (Jan 2021) Fix Now!

Hoi4 Javascript Error (Jan 2021) Fix Now! >> Did you get a javascript error while trying to start a game? Read this post to learn.  

Did you experience an error while playing the Hearts of Iron IV? The news of the Hoi4 Javascript error is floating online. A few users appear to be affected by this error. 

In the United States and other countries, games like Hoi4 have amassed a huge following among the gaming community. However, every now and then, gamers report errors that occur while trying to access the game. Get to know what this error is all about by reading today’s post. 

About Hoi4 

Hearts of Iron IV, aka Hoi4, is a popular video game. The posts discussing the Hoi4 Javascript error do not specify the platforms on which users experienced this error. 

The game is available on various platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux. The game was released in 2016 for the first time. Since then, this strategy war game has managed to gain a cult following. The game is set around the second world war. Users can play it either in single-player or multi-player mode all across the United States

About Hoi4 Javascript Error

We came across a few posts from users who were discussing experiencing errors while trying to access the game. Some of the players report about the Javascript error, while a few share that they were getting other errors that prevented the game from getting loaded. A handful of players were advising gamers to report the error to the game’s studio. Continue reading to know more. 

Things to know about it:

  • The game is developed by Paradox Development Studio.
  • The game was initially released in 2016. 
  • Users share that the error notification pops up every time they start the game. 
  • A few users are reporting the Hoi4 Javascript error
  • The game is a strategy game revolving around World War II. 

Who should know about this error?

If you’re someone who is unable to play the game due to this error, then you should check out this post. Most of the time, the error goes away after clicking ok. So, give this method a try, and in case it does not work out, you can try reporting the error to the game studio. 

Some possible solutions

Gamers are informing others about this error. A few others are sharing tips to make the Javascript error window go away. We came across posts where players of this video game are sharing hacks to resolve this error on various gamer forums. 

Some possible fixes have given:

  1. Reinstall it. 
  2. Clear all the data, including folders. 


The news of the Hoi4 Javascript error is a topic of discussion among online gamers. The fans of the Heart of Iron IV are reporting this error and asking others to share tips to fix the error. Most of the players got the error window as soon as they start the game. Let us know if you got this error in the comment section and whether you get rid of it or not. 

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