History Audit Report Scam (Oct 2020) Explore the Scam.

History Audit Report Scam (Oct 2020) Explore the Scam.

History Audit Report Scam (Oct 2020) Explore the Scam. >> In the above article, you read about the misuse of an important document relevant to used cars’ buyers and sellers.

Do you want to sell your old car? Are you not getting responses from your buyers?

If your answer is yes, then this article will be of great help to you.

Many people have in the United States have reported unusual behavior of used cars buyers. They have said that many buyers are asking for history audit reports of these cars, but are not responding after receiving these reports. 

This article is about the History Audit Report Scam, which is being reported by many people. Do read this article and learn how to avoid this scam.  

What is the History Audit Report?

History Audit Report is the report which is being demanded by the buyers of the resold cars. 

These reports contain past accidental records of the car, insurance claims, loans, manufacturer recalls, etc. In short, it has all the necessary details, which must be known by the new buyer of the car.

In previous months, many people have been reporting about History Audit Report Scam. In this scam, many buyers are contacting the sellers who want to sell their used cars. After initiating a conversation with the sellers, these buyers are demanding history audit reports of the vehicles, that too, from particular websites, which require a payment of $20 from the sellers.

Specifications of History Audit Report Scam:

  • Requirement: These reports will be required from specific websites; as informed by the prospective buyer
  • Extension of scam websites: .vin (should not be misinterpreted with Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Payment: $20
  • Mode of Payment: Credit Cards
  • Safe websites for History Audit Report: List available on www.vehiclehistory.gov

Pros of History Audit Report:

  • It contains complete information about the vehicle, such as details related to insurance, accidents, police reports, etc.
  • It serves as a reliable tool for the buyer.
  • It can be easily obtained online through websites verified by the Federal Trade Commission.

Cons of History Audit Report:

  • It is being used as a mode to fool the sellers.
  • The sellers have to pay for getting these reports online.
  • Since multiple websites are available for availing these reports, it confuses the users and can often lead them to fake websites.

Is History Audit Report Scam?

The most crucial point to be kept in mind is, not all websites for History Audit Reports are a scam. After some users reported of History Audit Report Scam, any people are trying to avoid these reports. However, these reports can be quickly received from genuine websites, the list for which is approved and provided by the Federal Trade Commission on vehiclehistory.gov.

But, the users should be aware of the scam as well. In this, the buyer demands the report from the seller, that too, from a particular website. When the seller accesses this website, it has a different extension .vin, which users often think to be Vehicle Identification Number, and hence do not doubt its authenticity. Secondly, these websites demand a payment of $20 from the sellers, which is mandatory to pay to get the report.

Even after the payment is made, the seller does not get to hear from the buyer. Hence, his money is wasted.

Thus, users are advised to beware of such requests from buyers, and use the genuine websites for availing these reports.

Reviews on History Audit Report:

Many people have reported about History Audit Report Scam online. These people have reported that they have made these $20 payments on several websites to get the latest reports. They have said that even the buyers that seemed to be genuine turned out to be fake and never asked back for these history audit reports. 

In response to these reviews, FTC has made a separate page about used cars. The users can use this web page to gain complete information about the used cars and tips related to their buying and selling.

Final Verdict:

History Audit Report is an essential tool for the old car buyers as it provides complete information about these used vehicles. However, this tool is being misused by people and is used to fool sellers.

Thus, all the sellers are advised to get these reports from the genuine websites only as prescribed by the government agency and save themselves from any possible online scams.

If you have been fooled by this scam or have any other information about History Audit Report Scam, let us know in the comments section below.

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