Hes Gaziulaş com {Oct 2020} Read It To Know More!

Hes Gaziulaş com {Oct 2020} Read It To Know More!

Hes Gaziulaş com {Oct 2020} Read It To Know More! >> This article tells you about a development that has occurred in a metropolitan municipality. Please go through the details now.

The metropolitan municipality, Gaziulas, will offer sign language training to the staff and employees in the transport department. Keeping the safety regulations in mind, the training will be in-house training. It led to the popularisation of the Hes Gaziulaş com on some social media platforms. 

There are nearly 750 employees in the staff that’ll receive this training. This training aims to improve the deaf and hard of hearing people’s experience and make their travels more comfortable. This step was taken after several impaired people found it hard to travel. Through this training, the staff will be able to adapt their communication system.

This event has generated some popularity in Turkey. It has been a subject of discussion on social media platforms and online forums. This development has also received a small amount of media attention. If you want to know more about it, please continue reading this article.

What is Hes Gaziulaş com?

After the announcement, the Metropolitan Municipality will provide sign language training to its staff in the transport department of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Gaziantep Ulasim AS (GAZIULAS). The term Hes Gaziulaş com became a trending topic. 

This announcement was made to make the traveling experience more enjoyable and straightforward for impaired and disabled people in public transport. This event was significantly popular in Turkey.

Highlights of the Event

The popularisation of this event led to a small amount of media attention. Some highlights of the event are:

  • Daily classes will be provided to employees who receive classes at the end of the five-month course.
  • It’ll allow them to learn sign language and complete the training quickly.
  • Several experts will be present to teach this language.
  • After mastering this language, the staff and employees will communicate smoothly with the disabled people without any significant issues.
  • This development was received positively as the Heath Department of the disabled praised this scheme.

How have people reacted to it?

The response of the public to this announcement is favorable, and it has been positively received. Hes Gaziulaş com started trending after this announcement. 

People who work in this service have stated that they had difficulties communicating with disabled people despite their willingness to do so. They say that this course will help them establish communication with them.

Another working staff has also stated that it wasn’t easy to ask questions to disabled people and get appropriate answers. Bus drivers in this service have stated that they weren’t able to understand where a disabled person wanted to go, and hope that this course will be beneficial in that regard.

Final Verdict

People who are disabled or are impaired in some way have to face a lot of difficulties. One of such problems is using public transport and not being able to communicate with the bus drivers. The scheme to train employees in sign language led to the popularisation of Hes Gaziulaş com

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