Helmet Fitting Mask Reviews {Feb 2021} Buy It & Be Safe!

Helmet Fitting Mask Reviews {Feb 2021} Buy It & Be Safe!

Helmet Fitting Mask Reviews {Feb 2021} Buy It & Be Safe! >> The article is on an FDA approved mask that might interest you, and read if you need to buy.

There are many masks in the market now so it’s challenging to gauge which one is right to choose. Do you have the same problem? Are you also in search of a mask approved by the FDA? Go on with Helmet Fitting Mask Reviews to get to know about such product. 

Shema97 Functional Active Mask is a face cover solely manufactured and shipped by HelmetFitting.com that uses nano fabric technology. The dustproof fabric did not let harmful and infectious bacteria and viruses enter. 

There is free shipping to the United States, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, but it charges $12 per mask in Canada. Let’s dig out more information about this mask. 

What is Shema97 Functional Active Mask? 

It Comes in every size and different colors, as Dana Marquez designs it along with Northern American Group from Atlanta. Dana is associate athletics director of equipment operations at Auburn University. 

It’s hand washable and very light weighted. But the question comes- Is Helmet Fitting Mask Legit to use or not. Find the answer further in the article. 


  • The mask is based on nano fabric technology and is made up of micro dustproof fabric. 
  • It filters the particles with 1-micron size, and its dust filter rate is 97.1%. 
  • It is 6 grams in weight that means it’s light in weight. 
  • The straps are adjustable to fit your size of face comfortably with a lanyard. 
  • There’s functional nose support in the mask that prevents inhaling toxic substances. 
  • You can experience excellent sound transmission, and it blocks harmful UV rays. 
  • It is made in South Korea and is available at $14.50 on the official website of HelmetFitting. 


  • According to Helmet Fitting Mask Reviews, you can wash the mask with your hands over 20 times making it reusable. 
  • It is FDA approved product. 
  • It safeguards from Ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the skin. 
  • The dust filter rate is 97.1%, which provide good air circulation and makes it a perfect choice.  
  • It also filters those particles that are 1 micron in size. 
  • The mask comes in different fittings and colors. 


  • It is not a medical-grade mask and is a bit costly to afford.  
  • There are many complaints regarding the product’s fit, company’s service, and late shipping in Facebook reviews. 
  • As mentioned in their manual, the opened product will not be exchanged or refund. 

Is Helmet Fitting Mask Legit or a Scam product? 

The Shema97 Functional Active Mask is manufactured by a South Korean company Shema doing business and now making masks. 

Moreover, the efficacy claim 97.1% dust articles filter rate where it can filter down to 1-micron size of particles. It is a dustproof reusable mask that works on the patented applied micro filter and nanotechnology. But it is pricey when it comes to budget. 

There are many negative reviews by customers who have issues with the late delivery and zero customer support response. Therefore, the product seems legit, but one must research carefully before spending their money on it.  

Helmet Fitting Mask Reviews

A wise person would always check reviews and comments about a product or service before giving their faith. So, it’s better to check for non-bot reviews that look real. In search of such statements, we landed on the Facebook page of HelmetFitting.com. 

Many people from the United States are not happy with the late delivery and lack of response from concerned authorities. They have been waiting for weeks or over a month for their order, with no customer support. 

Few customers have liked the mask and are glad to GET direct contact with the designer regarding the query. Therefore, in totality, we can say that negative Helmet Fitting Mask Reviews shadow the positive ones. the company needs to work on its shipping facility and customer care service. 

Final Verdict 

The product has been featured on news articles like AL.com, Sporting News and worn by Alabama’s Governor. It is a product of South Korea, and the company Shema is an active mask producer. 

There’s transparency in its features, performance, and designers, and that makes it a trustworthy product. 

The product has received mixed reviews but we cannot ignore the genuine issues raised by some consumers regarding not getting their masks on time in Helmet Fitting Mask Reviews. So, the basis on the above checkpoints, decides if you want to buy this product or not. 

Have you ever bought this mask before? Write your experience in the comment section.

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