Hearts Wild Cup Fortnite {Feb 2021} Know The Events!

Hearts Wild Cup Fortnite {Feb 2021} Know The Events!

Hearts Wild Cup Fortnite {Feb 2021} Know The Events! >> This Valentine’s week, get your partner & you booked with in an in-game event. Read here for facts

This Valentine’s Day, do you have something planned? If not yet, we will tell you about an event that has gained much attention among the players of the United Kingdom and the United States, called Hearts Wild Cup Fortnite

Fortnite, as many of us know, is an online video game that organizes in-game events. This year due to the pandemic situation, they have announced online events, and Hearts Wild is the one. 

You can only participate with a partner; it doesn’t matter who is that in order to win some goodies. 

What is the event? 

Epic Games announced on 8th February 2021 about Hearts Wild event where players are couples or duos and they will get three hours to complete ten matches to earn points

The couple with the highest score in each server will be rewarded with a Lovely Outfit. Let’s see the rules of the game. 

What do you need to do in the Hearts Wild Cup Fortnite event? 

The official Twitter account of Fortnite tweeted on 8th February 2021, the information on Valentine’s Day inspired event Hearts Wild, Team Battles, Fishstick, and Papercraft. 

The event is happening on 9th February 2021, in which a duo or couple will be competing by playing ten matches in three hours. The most earning pair will get Lovely Outfit and Heartblast Back Bling. 

To be eligible for the game, the Duos team must have a higher rank within Arena in their respective region on Open League. A player must be of 13 years age, or if he/she is a minor in their country, they must have parent’s or legal guardian’s permission. 

There’s more in the Hearts Wild Cup Fortnite event? 

Yes. Other than the details mentioned above, Community Battles have brought back a new event with Hearts Wild, i.e., Hearts Wild Team Battles. It will be held between 10th February 2021 and 17th February 2021. 

In this event, Fortnite players will be fortunate enough to get team up with their favourite Creators, who will assist them in earning points in exciting and unique challenges laid. Is there any reward in the event? 

List of prizes to be given 

Players in the United States, and United Kingdom, and other nations have a chance to win prizes like Breathless Blades Pickaxe, Hearts Wild Team Battles Banner, Shufflly Shapes Wrap. 

Apart from Hearts Wild Cup Fortnite and Hearts Wild Team Battles, players have a treat this Valentine’s week. Papercraft cosplay and Fishstick finding a valentine love are other quests that might keep you busy throughout seven days. 

Final Verdict 

Fortnite is undoubtedly a successful game, and this year on Valentine’s week introducing such extraordinary events, they proved to be one of the best ones. 

Promoting love, creativity, and togetherness through its couple-based events like mentioned above, Fortnite has outdone itself. 

Get all the information about other events in details on their official website blogs and wait for more upcoming news. 

Until then, let us know about your experience with these events.

Does Hearts Wild Cup Fortnite is your favourite? Please do comment in below section. 

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