Hazelboots Com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is it Better?

Hazelboots Com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is it Better?

Hazelboots Com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is it Better?   >> The article, as mentioned above, is for a website named Hazelboots that sells boots online.

Are you a shoe lover? Do you live in the United Kingdom? We will introduce a new website for you today that is centred around some fantastic boots. Let’s know more about this website and know if the website is worth shopping from. You will see a lot about this website in Hazelboots com Reviews. We are sure that this article will help you with a related purchase decision from the website.

What is Hazelboots com?

Hazelboots is a website that sells boots in the United Kingdom. When we reached the website’s landing page, we found that the website doesn’t have a lot of variety. There is only one product available on the website. However, there are 5-6 color options for the same. There are various sizes available for the shoes.

For Hazelboots com Reviews, we decided to gather some information about the shoes as well. The boots are made from suede leather, has cushioned sole. There is a fur lining on the shoes. The boots have a molded rubber outsole. 

The website talks about how the product has to be returned in the original, unused state with tags intact in fifteen days of the purchase made. The boots have a heel height of 6 cm. We found the phone number and the email address mentioned on the website.

Also, the website offers free shipping for purchase above 50 pounds. Also, the website talks about how there can be delays because of the pandemic’s current situation. There is also an option of tracking the order on the website.


  • URL of the website: https://hazelboots.com/
  • Types of products it offers: A great variety of boots.
  • Address of the website: Not given.
  • The email address of the website: Not mentioned
  • Is the website available on social media platforms: Yes. 
  • Email address of the website: hello@hazelboots.com 
  • Phone Number: +13026017172
  • Modes of payment: Amex, Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, etc.

Advantages of Hazel boots:

  • The website has a beautiful collection of boots.
  • The website is user friendly.
  • There are various sizes available.
  • There are various modes of payment available.

Disadvantages of Hazel boots:

  • There is no information about the owner of the website.
  • There are not many products available on the website.

Is Hazelboots Legit?

For Hazelboots com Reviews, there is no owner information available for the website. We also find no address in the contact information on the website. Though the website is SSL certified, this is no guarantee of the website being credible.

The website doesn’t use a free email and uses the actual domain name of the website. The website doesn’t offer much of a collection. Only one item is available with a choice of color. Till now, there are no factors that will help in establishing the authenticity of the website.

We found that the website is only three months old, which makes it too new. The website has social media pages, but they are not well established. We have mixed feelings about the website. There is not enough information that will help in selecting the website as credible. 

Customer Reviews:

For Hazelboots com Reviews, we would say that we couldn’t find genuine customer reviews for the website despite a lot of searches. We tried searching social media and the customer reviews of the website; however, we were disappointed. It isn’t easy to trust the authenticity of the website. So, in such a scenario, it gets difficult to trust a website.

Final Verdict

Thus, based on our research, we think that the website is too new. Also, the website doesn’t have a lot of information about it. Thus, it isn’t easy to ascertain the legitimacy of the website. Therefore, for Hazelboots com Reviews, we would advise or readers to be cautious while placing an order from the website. 

Doing that will not only help you save your money but also your personal information. There have been reports of users who have lost their valuable information such as credit card information, etc. while shopping on scam sites. Scammers often misuse such information. So, never place any order from a website until you are entirely sure about the website’s authenticity. 

If you have tried shopping from the website before, you can write to us in the comments section below.

0 thoughts on “Hazelboots Com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is it Better?

  1. I’ve sadly ordered boots from this site…and I’m starting to think I’ve been scammed!
    Received one email saying they’ve checked and my order is still in transit.
    But they have not responded to latest message and email!
    Be wary!

  2. I have ordered and received two pairs of boots, they arrived yesterday after three weeks. They are not boxed but shoved into bubblewrap, they are made of cheap materials, not the suede it mentions and the solvent smell is absolutely unbearable. I want to return them but they state it has to be on a gift card on their site and are flat out ignoring all messages from me. I will be reporting it to the bank as this is the only way to get through I feel.

  3. I have ordered these boots and feel the same as you, I have emailed them with no response. My husband put the packaging in the bin with the return address, I don’t suppose you have the return address please.

  4. I have purchased 1 pair of boots, tried contacting them to find out where they are by Facebook, messenger and email several times and have had no reply. I believe I have been scammed nearly bought 2 pairs glad I didn’t.

  5. I ordered these boots and they arrived. It took a while about 2 weeks but the quality is not good. Not suede as they said and smell really bad of chemicals. I e emailed them twice with no response. Think I will put this down to experience ?

  6. Mine were too small – the boots are very narrow around the ankle and I couln’t get my feet in. All emails from me have been ignored. To add insult to injury I find that they are 1/3 of the price on Amazon (I bought on impulse from a Facebook sponsored advert). Complete and utter scam.

  7. Same here ordered 19th October, now late November, had two emails but still no boots, definitely seems dodgy, have had one lot of money returned, as I didn’t require two boots but they added two to my order, now to try for the repayment of the other pair, they are quick to take your money but not do quick to get back to you.
    Very frustrating

  8. I have had same experience ordered x2 pairs 5 weeks ago and they are not replying to my emails!! I feel like a right twit!! Any idea how j can try and get my money back?

  9. Ordered in October two pairs of boots and no further contact, have tried to email and it’s undeliverable. Received an email from them yesterday about computer glitch & about refunds and confirming my order number etc if I’ve not had a refund but again email bounced back as undeliverable. Have tried to message through Instagram so will see if anything happens. I’ve also had similar from a GoodBoyBeds also on Shopify, another online dog bed store that never delivered and can’t be contacted. Definitely less likely to shop through shopify or go with these types of online stores.

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