Hartlepool Giving Tree Scam (Jan 2021) Let Us Know About It!

Hartlepool Giving Tree Scam (Jan 2021) Let Us Know About It!

Hartlepool Giving Tree Scam (Jan 2021) Let Us Know About It! >> The write-up shares information about the new website for charity and sending gifts during Christmas to the needy.  

As Christmas is soon approaching, people in the United Kingdom are preparing for the festival. People have started donating gifts and doing charities with full zeal and enthusiasm, even between the COVID-19 pandemic. The festive month started with charity, and people are sending gifts and presents to needy children across the UK.  In between, the news is circulating on social media about Hartlepool Giving Tree Scam

Hartlepool Giving Tree is the newly developed portal sending gifts and presents to needy children in the UK.

The website sends gifts only to needy people, especially children who are victims of domestic violence. They send gifts to the children who flee their homes due to violence and leaving behind their possessions. 

It is doing a noble cause helping the needy children by sending them a gift at Christmas. Anyone who wants to do charity or send gifts to needy children may approach the website to see how it works.

What is Hartlepool Giving Tree?

To know more about Hartlepool Giving Tree Scam, let us know firstly about the Hartlepool

Hartlepool Giving Tree is the online portal recently developed to send gifts and presents to needy kids in the United Kingdom during Christmas. The portal sends gifts on behalf of the people who plan to help the country’s needy children. 

It targets the recipients of the gifts who are needy or escaped from domestic violence. The website also sends gifts to children who are forced to flee their homes, leaving behind all their possessions.  

Users have to select and buy gifts for the children, and the website will send them the gifts at Christmas. However, a message has been circulating online with the headline, Hartlepool Giving Tree Scam. But we have no information about the scam as it is newly developed and has received mixed reviews. 

But, there is no information about any scam from the end of the website. 

How does Website Work?

It is not a challenging task to use the website to send gifts to needy children this Christmas. Users have to follow a few steps to start sending gifts to the children. Here are the steps to send gifts via Hartlepool Giving Tree.

  • Go to the website a choose a tag
  • Select a toy and add to the cart from the recommended online retailers 
  • You are also allowed to buy gifts from any retailers
  • Ensure that you write the shipping address correctly 
  • Upon successful completion of the process, you receive a confirmation email
  • You are done 

These are the steps you have to follow to complete the process of sending gifts this Christmas. So, the process seems easy, but more information is needed to confirm its legitimacy.

Hartlepool Giving Tree Scam: What people have to say?

When researched online on social media and other review websites, we have found many mixed reviews about Hartlepool Giving Tree’s services and website. However, some customers are claiming to receive the gifts, and some are saying it a scam. 

However, we have not found any relevant reviews that prove it is a scam and not legit. After evaluating, we found mixed reviews, and hence we urge our readers to check and review properly before dealing with the website.


Hartlepool Giving Tree is the website where you can make charities and send gifts to needy children at Christmas. The site has a reliable and smooth process, and we found mixed reviews about the website. 

But, more information is required to know whether Hartlepool Giving Tree Scam or legit. If you have anything to add, please write it down in the comment section below.

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  1. It is definitely not a scam. Every year Harbour support (women’s refuge) and children’s services put a Xmas tree up in the shopping centre. Attached to it are gift tags with name, age and what they would like. These range from cds to toys, clothes etc. You take a tag, buy the gift then put it in one of the collection points. Due to covid and Hartlepool being in tier 3 they decided to do it online. Due to the massive response they are sharing the gifts throughout the tees valley area. I have actually been to the main collection point today, it was overwhelming to see all the gifts. That’s the thing about the people of Hartlepool, we come together when needed.

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