Happy Creations Store Reviews [Dec] Is It Legit Or Scam?

Happy Creations Store Reviews [Dec] Is It Legit Or Scam?

Happy Creations Store Reviews [Dec] Is It Legit Or Scam? >> This post will discuss a website and its authenticity that offers handcrafted and artistic products online.

Do you love graphic t-shirts? Let’s checkout Happy Creations Store Reviews and see all the creative outfits this website is offering us.

We all know that art and craft have fascinated people, mostly from the United States and the United Kingdom. We can find an unlimited seller online who present to sell premium quality products online.

There is a common misconception about art and craft products or graphics outfits that they might cost you a fortune. Simplyhappycreations.com seems to disagree with this mentality. But some might question the authenticity of the website because of the low price range. 

This writing has detailed information about this website and ends with a detailed analysis deciding whether this website is authentic or not. 

What is Simplyhappycreations.com?

Simplyhappycreations.com is an art and craft online web store that sells handicrafts and artistic products in the United States and the United Kingdom. The site is almost 15 months old and still hasn’t received any Happy Creations Store Reviews.

Few products available on the site are graphic t-shirts, handmade earrings, car screen prints, and decals. The website offers you customized products as well. You can also print your favorite quote on the t-shirt. 

The website does not have any policy section. Hence, we are not clear about the shipping policy or the site officials’ estimated delivery time. 

Specifications of Simplyhappycreations.com

  • Product Type: Clothing and accessories 
  • Website Link: https://www.simplyhappycreations.com/
  • Email Id: alexisnmanning@gmail.com
  • Launch date: 11 August 2019
  • Phone Number: Not offered 
  • Address: Bloomington, IL
  • Shipping charges: Not Clear 
  • Delivery Time: Not Clear
  • Return / Exchange: Not clear 
  • Refund: Not Clear
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal 

Pros of Shopping from Simplyhappycreations.com

  • Beautifully graphically crafted t-shirts
  • You can buy the same product in multiple quantities. 
  • The site is HTTPS protected 
  • SSL encrypted Payment mode 
  • Facebook account of the brand present

Cons of Shopping from Simplyhappycreations.com:

  • Limited Happy Creations Store Reviews available
  • No policy section 
  • No “About Us” Page 
  • No contact information provided
  • No information about shipping and delivery time 

Is Simplyhappycreations.com Legit?

Simplyhappycreations.com is in the online market for a long time, but still, it hasn’t worked on its legal policies and transparency. Nobody likes to shop from a website that provides very little information about how the orders will be processed. 

Customers are left with no contact information to contact the staff regarding their orders; there is no information about the customers’ return or refund procedure. Looking at the email id available on the site gives the impression that a single person manages the site. There are very few Happy Creations Store Reviews available online.

We have noticed regular activity on the website’s social media profiles, but it seems like the website is not coming to customers’ notice. We could not find any technical review about the website on any of the regular website reviewing site. 

We are unsure if the site provides their customer with any order tracking line to track the order in transition. The site does not offer multiple pictures of the product from different angles; hence there might be confusing for the customer to understand the entire look. 

The product description offered by the website is not informative and specific. There is no size chart available for the clothing product showcased on the site. The site offers you only one payment mode to do the transaction.

What are Customers’ Happy Creations Store Reviews?

We found a single online review on the website’s social media, stating that the products provided by the site are adorable and made of good quality raw material.

We cannot judge the quality of the site’s services based on a single customer review. There are chances that the reviews are biased. 

Final Verdict:

The website has failed to provide crucial information to customers. Hence, we feel that it is unreasonable that anyone would believe this website without having any information about the legal policies and shipping information. 

Customers are left with no other option than to accept the order they receive because the website does not provide a rule for return and refund options. We believe that the website requires a lot of work to gain customers’ trust. 

One positive Happy Creations Store Reviews cannot decide whether the site is authentic or not; hence we have presented all the essential pointer in this report. Now it’s up to you to decide whether to trust this website or altogether avoid it.

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