Greensboro Unemployment Scam {August} Get Full Details!

Greensboro Unemployment Scam {August} Get Full Details!

Greensboro Unemployment Scam {August} Get Full Details! >> News reflects an unemployment fraud – a women has charges of 10 crimes after ten years of scam.

In this pandemic, everyone is facing problems as a business are shutting down, companies are undergoing losses, and the final impact is on the employees as the companies are laying off.

In this situation, the government of the United States provides relief to those who are unemployed by giving them some funds. But there are many frauds taking place. The scam can be in two ways one is when you receive emails about unemployment relief fund then that might be a scam. 

Second fraud is when a person is receiving all the benefits of an unemployed even when he is earning.

This article is on one such scam that is Greensboro Unemployment Scam. We will discuss what happened further in this article.

What is Greensboro Unemployment Scam?

This scam is about a lady who is charged about eight years after the fraud took place. In this scam, the lady has ten charges as she claimed the unemployment benefits eight years ago, even when she was working for a company.

One of the people from the N.C Employment Security Commissions says that the unemployment frauds are at the highest as more and more people receives the benefits of being jobless.

In Greensboro Unemployment Scam a person named Deidre D. Pearson of age 33 in the year 2005 claimed the unemployment benefits even when she was working with Southern Building Maintainance. According to the records she was earning no income from May to July 2005 whereas, in reality, she was earning 1668$.

What is Unemployment fraud?

In this people who list themselves as unemployed with the ESC receives funds for their survival. But, when they get a job, they must inform the commission about the same.

When these people continue to receive the unemployment benefits even after getting a job, then it is considered as unemployment fraud. It is challenging to know the exact number and amount of fraud taking place each year. 

Just like the Greensboro Unemployment Scam where the woman has charges of 10 frauds after ten years of the scam, there is a massive gap between the genuine commitment of the scam and the hustle comes to notice.

It further takes time to recover that amount from the person who was receiving the benefits by unfair means.

How to catch the fraud?

The ESC of the United States now has a database of people who are getting hired newly, and then it matches the database with the people who are claiming the unemployment benefits. This way, it becomes easy to catch the wrong people. 


From the 1st December 2012, the ESC has started new punishments for the frauds like Greensboro Unemployment Scam. They are as follows: 

  • If the unemployment benefit received is over 400$, then the person claiming the service will have to go for imprisonment for eight months to 3 years. They will also have to pay fine.
  • If the unemployment benefit received is less than 400$, then the person who is claiming the services is charged with minor misdoing or misdemeanour.


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