Grande Lash Reviews [Feb 2021] Trustworthy or a Hoax

Grande Lash Reviews [Feb 2021] Trustworthy or a Hoax

Grande Lash Reviews [Feb 2021] Trustworthy or a Hoax -> This content will help you to know about the award winning serum and how it is beneficial

In a world where everyone wants to enhance their looks, make-up has become an essential part, especially for women.

Grande’s Eyelash Serum is popular in the United Statespromising to grow your eyelash in just six weeks with visible results and full natural results in three months.

 If you are looking for eyelash enhancement but are yet to decide to continue reading ahead to find out if the serum is helpful and safe to use?

Today’s Grande Lash review assists you to decide if it’s worth the try.

What is Grande Lash?

As the name suggests, it is a serum designed to enhance your eyelashes and provide visibly, thicken, long eyelashes within just weeks.

The online shopping website is founded by Alisha Grande, six years ago in the United States. The shopping store Grande Cosmetic sells cosmetics like hair care, makeup, serums, and many more. The store has won NewBeauty2020 and also has been featured in magazines and blogs.

The Grande Lash is revolutionary eyelashes enhancing serum to promote thicker and longer eyelashes within its four to six-week use and full results in three months.

Before the Grande Lash Review, let’s check its features.


  • -Comes in an easy to use gold and black tube with a brush applicator.
  • -Infused with antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins.

 Key Ingredients:

 *Hyaluronic Acid: which helps in protection against breakage, gives conditioning and gives rise to hydration for brittle, damaged and dry lashes.

*L-Proline: Is an amino acid important to grow strong and healthy lashes.

*Glycosaminoglycan: this supports lash lustre and resiliency, also helps to lock in moisture.

-It is available in two variants, 3 to 6-week starter supply and a3 month supply

-The product is dermatologist tested and approved.

– Available in 1ml and 2ml options


Grande Lash Reviews are positive in terms of results

– Product is safe for use as it is cruelty-free and dermatologist approved.

– Helps to increase the volume and length of eyelashes, and gives a healthy visible look in weeks.

– Improves the small and brittle lash hairs.

– Comes in with many trial packs as desired.

– Available on many online stores, popularly known on Sephora and Amazon.


-Initial usage is irritating the eyes and skin with redness

– Users experienced itchiness and sensitivity after a week or two of usage.

– Eyelids turning dry and falling out if discontinued

– Some experienced change in the color of iris after prolonged use in Grande Lash Reviews

– not suitable for pregnant women

– quantity is less for the amount paid as it doesn’t last the period it claims to.

Is GrandeLash legit or not?

The product has been reviewed positively over it’s store and many other platforms as it provides the results it promises within the period and its website is authentic and very popular.Hence it seems to be legit.

However, we cannot say it is safe to use as many claimed it caused side effects. 

What are the Online Customers Grande Lash Reviews?

The users from across world have been actively reviewing the product on various platforms, including the store’s website, Sephora, amazon stores, etc.

Our research has mixed reviews from users as many are happy with the result it gives in weeks while some are complaining about the side effects on eyes in the long run and few claimed results won’t last once you stop using it. The Amazon and Sephora store has an average of 3.5 ratings while few other websites have poor ratings.

Therefore, it can be said the serum does the work but is not completely safe for use as per the user’sfeedback.

Final Verdict

We can say as per the Grande Lash Reviews, that gives you a natural look with visible, healthy, and voluminous results in weeks but it also comes with drawbacks such as eye irritation, sensitivity, eyelash dries and some also addressed no lasting result once you stop using it.

Though the overall rating is an average and many features, awards are listed for the serum. We would recommend users to first consult w an eye specialist doctor for their opinion and know the potential side effects of the serum in the long run as safety comes first.

We hope our Grande Lash Review is helpful. Have you tried the Grande Lash or any other serum? Let us know your experience and opinion in the comment section below.

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