Golo.com Customer Reviews [April] Read, Understand, Decide

Golo.com Customer Reviews [April] Read, Understand, Decide

Golo.com Customer Reviews [April] Read, Understand, Decide! -> In this article, you will read about the legitimacy of a wellness website.

How difficult is losing weight? What measures does one take to lose weight? Well, undoubtedly, there are ample of weight-loss diets available. It takes a lot of strength and will power to lose weight.

When a person desired to lose weight, he/ she tries every means to do so. From the gym to dieting, from running to playing games, there’s nothing a person doesn’t perform for losing weight. But when they do not get their desired results, they give up.

What if somebody guarantees your weight-loss within the said days? It is difficult to believe that there exists any such body. One such unbelievable website is GOLO. 

It is one such website which is searched the most in 2016. Golo.com Customer Reviews reveal that the people from the United State rely on this website due to the results experienced by them. 

But the real question is whether it is authentic. To understand more about the plans of Golo and to know about what their research says, read below.

Is Golo.com Legit?

Golo.com Customer Reviews made it clear that the members of Golo created a capsule named Release to supplement healthy habits. This capsule is patented and is an essential part of their program.

What is Golo.com?

The doctors and pharmacists developed the Golo plan. Majorly relied upon by the people of the United State; the creators of Golo believe that weight loss does not last merely by diet and exercise. Instead of controlling the fats and carbs, they focus on regulating the hormones in a way that the lost weight lasts longer.

The stress and anxiety lead to poor sleeping patterns, hunger, and fatigue, which imbalances the hormone. The unbalanced hormones result in excess and emotional eating or bingeing. 

But is golo com legit? This question is a concern for those new to the site. Well, the following will make it clear.


  • Website type: Health and wellness 
  • Shipping time: Within a day
  • Delivery time: 2-4 days
  • Return: Within 60 days
  • Refund: Free shipping money-back guarantee
  • Shipping cost: Free shipping
  • Cancellation: Applicable unless shipped
  • Company address: GOLO, LLC, 256 Chapman Road #104, Newark, DE 19702
  • Contact Number: 1-800-730-GOLO (4656)
  • Email address: support@golo.com
  • Mode of payment: PayPal, Amazon Prime, Debit Card, Credit Card, Apple Pay, ViaBill

Suitable for whom?

This website is for those people who are concerned about their good health. The site sells a capsule that helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels, losing weight, and improving the health of a person.

To analyze further about this website, we’ve listed below its pros and cons.


  • Customer ratings are good—excellent reviews on their site.
  • Weight loss becomes steady.
  • Cravings and hunger can be controlled.
  • Stress and anxiety are reduced.
  • A healthy metabolism can be maintained.
  • An increase in energy and vitality is experienced.
  • The owner details are available.


  • It can be expensive.
  • Some people might find the meal schedule restrictive and challenging.
  • The variations in the diet might be confusing for the consumers.
  • Things might be challenging to follow.

What are the website reviews?

The Golo plan is available on their website as well as amazon.com for sale. The reviews on amazon mark the rating as three stars, which means the plan is good on an average. 

Golo states that it is possible to lose weight even when a person eats more. Although many people face difficulties as they are expected to cook their meals for a week in a lump sum, which seemed unrealistic for some. 

The website also provides access to its online coachings. The people who bought their membership get the benefit of joining the classes online for better results.

Several people reported that they did not lose weight. However, there is no evidence that they had used the plan accordingly and had followed the guidelines properly. 


The website has all the information that makes it legit. But some missing details that make it difficult to evaluate the Golo Plan. The exact parameters of the plan can only be calculated if the plan is purchased. The nutritional composition of the plan and the meal items which are allowed and not allowed are not present on the website.

Although if the Release is safe for everyone or not is not clear through the details mentioned on the website.

If you are a member or are using the Release, do share your experience in the comments section below.

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