Gold Strike Jeux com [July] First Read To Know More!

Gold Strike Jeux com [July] First Read To Know More!

Gold Strike Jeux com [July] First Read To Know More! -> This article will give you an insight into a web portal where one can play over 16000 free games without downloading them.

Have you been looking for free games online? The Gold Strike Jeux com is your answer. There are a lot of games available on as it is a free platform to play games. 

Many people love to purchase games and spend real money in the game as well. There are also a few who prefer free games. 

There are undoubtedly several websites for the same, but the offers more than 16000 free games which you can play online and are not even required to be downloaded. 

This website is accessible from anywhere around the globe, including the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Germany.

Gold Strike is one such game on this website which is free and fun.

Let us take you to further details of this game in this article.

What is Gold Strike Jeux?

Gold Strike is a free game available on online platforms like in various countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Germany

The Gold Strike Jeux com reveals that the objective of this game is to break down the wall of bricks to get gold and keep the wall away from reaching the worker by crushing it. 

The player is the worker who is required to hit the bricks of the same colour using a hammer for which the bricks must be in pair or more. The more the speed of demolishing the wall, the more the scores shall be earned in the game. 

Also, while demolishing the wall, the player must try and crush the bricks with special marks to earn more points. As and when the wall reaches the worker, the game is over and the player is directed to the next level.

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How to play Gold Strike Jeux?

Follow the steps:

  1. Click on ‘START’.
  2. Level 1 begins after you click on ‘START’ again.
  3. Mouse (Left Click) is used to hit the bricks and throw the hammer on a pair or group of bricks of the same colour.
  4.  The screen displays ‘NEXT LEVEL’ after the wall reaches the worker, and the player has earned the required points.
  5. Replaying the first level is possible too by clicking on the green ‘PLAY’ button.

Specifications of Gold Strike

  • URL:
  • Type of Website: A website to play free games like Gold Strike

What are the reviews for Gold Strike Jeux

There are no such reviews about Gold Strike Jeux com, but there seems to be no risk in accessing this website. They have ample of free games that are not even required to be downloaded.


This is a web portal which is dedicated to the free games. It is in existence since 1995 and entertains over millions of visitors each year. has this free game named Gold Strike, which is easy to play and suitable for everyone who likes to play online games.

After observing Gold Strike Jeux com, we do not hesitate to say that this website worth recommending.

Have you played any game on or have you tried playing Gold Strike? What is your highest score? Kindly write to us in the comments section below.

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