Give Your Old Office a Makeover With These Tips

Give Your Old Office a Makeover With These Tips

Old Office a Makeover: You don’t need to spend thousands to make your old workplace look modern and trendy. A few neat hacks can do wonders to the state of your aged office in Perth and make your office stand out to employees and clients. 

Make Your Company’s Mission Statement Visible

It is good to display your company’s mission statement in your office common area where it will be visible to all. Your company’s mission can be a great motivator to all employees and help them carry out their duties with new vigour.

Connect With Your Local Arts Community

Perth has no lack of incredibly talented artists who would welcome your support. The art galleries and exhibitions in your local area can be a way to discover artists whose work fits your office style. Many might even agree to customise pieces for you. You can also utilise this to propagate the company’s marketing message to a greater audience.

If you have a small office, hanging large artworks can help brighten up the space. 

Integrate Your Brand Colours

Colours have a powerful psychological impact on the mind. Utilise this effect.  Your brand colours should be integrated into your office space as it promotes a stronger connection to promote a positive company image. 

Outline Different Spaces With Rugs

Perth may be an isolated place in the world but is by no means behind it. Importing goods from all around the world, you will find everything from American food to Persian rugs at your disposal. 

Rugs help outline various spaces without the need for physical barriers. Additionally, they liven your space up by adding nice accents to your furniture.

Add Unique Furniture

With the variety of options available for furniture ranging from couches, chairs and tables, you can easily find a style that aligns with your company identity. 

If you feel bold, a funky accent table, when placed correctly, can amp up your workplace ambience and make for a great conversation starter when welcoming new clients.

Additionally, going along the same lines, you can add some funky furniture like patterned curtains or bright lamps to break out of the traditionally boring workplace mode.

Leather couches add a professional look to office space and can last a lifetime if cared for properly. it’s preferable to entrust the upkeep to specialists who can handle leather cleaning in Perth.

Make the Most of Your Natural Lighting

A well-designed office is incomplete without good lighting. Good lighting will accentuate all the effort you put into your office interior. The best lighting is natural lighting, and to achieve that, you need to let in as much natural light as possible. Open any blinds during office hours, and ensure your workplace has large office windows.

Switch to lamps or task lights instead of the harsh, fluorescent overhead lighting that causes headaches and eye strains.

Have Healthy Snacks on Display

Office hours entail long periods of repetitive, taxing work bound to elicit cravings for unhealthy food items. Combat this by setting up designated snack areas with colourful, healthy snacks like fruit bowls, snack bars, fruit juices to keep your people pumped throughout the day.

Add a Bookshelf

There is no end to learning. That is even more so if you wish to be well-knowledgeable about all the new developments in your business line to keep up with your rivals. 

Staying updated will help keep your business on top of things. A library, bookshelf, or even a simple coffee table stacked with relevant reading materials in the common area can set your creative gears running.

Add Stylish Trash Cans

Why not dispose of your garbage in style? Choose the standard stainless steel ones, or go for a funky-character theme; you will easily find some that complement your office aesthetic.

Incorporate Flowers

It’s hard to find anyone not delighted by the sight of these natural beauties.  Try to place some around the office for an uplifting vibe. Alternatively, you can also place potted plants and flowers that grow well indoors as well as low-maintenance.  

If budget allows and you have the space for it, an office garden is a great place for employees to take a break from the monotony of work. The importance of breaks can’t be stressed enough. A cup of coffee while watching the sunset in the garden will help relieve fatigue and grow renewed motivation among employees.

Highlight Attractive Views

Whether your office is in the middle of downtown or overlooking scenic nature, utilise it. Open the windows and hold important meetings nearby. If you aren’t fortunate in this aspect, go creative and get backdrops preferably waterproof, glare-fee, and wrinkle-free.

Get Rid of Office Clutter

A neat office can do wonders to your office’s image and uplift the general mood. Papers, files, and boxes eventually pile up and the clutter will make it harder for you to find important items. Set aside a small amount of time, preferably when the workload is low.

Add a Coffee Station

Coffee is the lifeline of all office workers around the world. A coffee maker, coffee, and coffee filters with mugs, cream, and sugar available to be enjoyed anytime will make many happy teammates.

Hang Team Photos

Setting aside time for activities that will build solidarity between team members is essential for a healthy work environment. Philanthropic ventures, team-building activities, or leisure trips are happy memories that deserve to be preserved and celebrated. Keep the framed photos around the office to remind you of the good times.

Add Pops of Colour

A few vibrant splashes of colours throughout the office are a great idea. Choose warm tones like reds and yellows for areas where team projects or group meetings take place as they promote productivity. On the other hand, reserve light blues, greens, and other cool tones for the breakroom to help relax.

Get a Whiteboard

A whiteboard in a communal area can be used to check off the to-do list, hold presentations, and discuss ideas in group projects. If you are averse to this idea, you can also get the trendier chalkboards or even clear glass boards that can be used both ways.

Make Your Entryway Warm and Welcoming

The first impression should be an impactful one. Think about how you wish clients and employees should perceive when they enter the office and model the entryway accordingly. 

An inviting office may have fun couches and chairs, funky artworks with a high top table in the corner with coffee mugs and coffee supplies along with a sign, “Grab a cup!”.

Invest in Air Freshener

Just like colours, smells also have a positive effect on the mind. Air fresheners and good air circulation are good ways to achieve that. You can also burn candles if you are careful enough.

Lose the Walls

Breaking the walls both physically and metaphorically enables a collaborative work environment that encourages communication. Creating a welcoming and informal atmosphere allows team members to put in their valuable input more readily than in stern, traditional office environments.


The ones we discussed are very cost-effective methods but go a long way to bring a drastic change to your workplace in Perth. Your workplace is a place where most spend a significant period of the day. Therefore placing great importance on the comfort of the employees to promote a healthy workplace is that mark of a dedicated business owner.

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