Gettouch Screen Purse Review {Dec 2020} Is It Scam?

Gettouch Screen Purse Review {Dec 2020} Is It Scam?

Gettouch Screen Purse Review {Dec 2020} Is It Scam? >> An e-com shop is offering handy carrying purse for the smartphones, useful for Smartphones.

In today’s world, smartphones have become the basic need for us. Carrying smartphones while travelling always becomes difficult for us. But there is good news, as one of the webshop claims that their product can reduce our headache.

We researched to provide authentic Gettouch Screen Purse Review for the visitors, as it is gaining the limelight among the United States people.

To know about the unique product, read the rest article.

What is Gettouch Screen Purse?

This e-com shop is offering a unique shoulder purse for your smartphone where you can carry your mobile and use it. This touch screen purse has a clear water-resistant window for your mobile. It keeps your smartphone clean and germs free, and anyone can access their phone easily. This shoulder pouch has more than one pocket and is protected by RFID so that you can carry credit cards, keys, and cash safely.

The lightweight product is made with vegan leather that makes it eco-friendly. It has a stylish design and various color option to make it suitable for every outfit. The cross-body design makes this product theft free. Customers can easily adjust the purse with the adjustable strap. This e-shop is offering a deal “Buy One, Get One Free” to the visitors. Let’s check out the Gettouch Screen Purse Review


  • Website type: An e-com webshop that offers a touch screen purse for your phone.
  • Website Link: 
  • Company Address: Allstar Products Group, PO Box 241, Hawthorne NY 10532
  • Company Email Id:
  • Company Contact number: (800) 307-7414
  • Delivery Time: Not specified.
  • Delivery Charges: Free shipping is provided only in the US.
  • Return: Yes
  • Exchange: Not available.
  • Refund: Yes
  • Cancellation of Order: Not mentioned. 
  • Mode of payment: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amazon Pay, etc.

Pros of Gettouch Screen Purse:

  • This online shop offers a touch screen pouch to the visitors. It has a transparent touch screen window, which is water-resistant.
  • Buyers can put their essential things in this purse as it has more than one room.
  • It provides protection and keeps your mobile clean; germs, smudges & grim free.
  • The product is available in various designs and colors.
  • It has an adjustable strap and cross-body design to ensure safety and comfortness.
  • It is super-thin and lightweight and can carry a smartphone of 6.75″ Tall & 4.00″ Wide.
  • It is made up of premium quality vegan leather.
  • The product price is reasonable, and they are giving a “Buy One, Get One Free” offer.
  • Return/refund is available.
  • Various payment methods have been provided.

Cons of Gettouch Screen Purse:

  • Cancellation policy is not available.
  • It has plastic screen material, which is not last long.

Is Gettouch Screen Purse legit or not?

Gettouch Screen Purse website provided the complete information of the entrepreneur. We found the company address and contact details on the website. This webstore explained their product and their motto precisely, and we observed that the content is unique. They designed the website excellently and provided pictures & videos regarding the product increases trustworthiness.

We found the mixed Gettouch Screen Purse Review and complete details regarding their privacy policy and service on their page. To know more, we researched it on different search engines and found information and remarks. 

What are the customer’s reviews about Gettouch Screen Purse?

We are writing the reviews, which offer a lightweight, thin, smartphone carry-purse. The corporate office is based in the United States. While carrying your smartphone buyers make calls, text easily.

We have looked for customers review on the webpage, but no reviews are available there. Since we decided to dig in more and search the remarks externally and we found mixed reviews and ratings regarding the product. We observed that buyers love this product, whereas some reviews are negative and unsatisfactory Gettouch Screen Purse Review.

Final verdict:

This web store is being run by Tami Lange, supported by Lori Greiner, which introduced a unique product among the people. They made it by keeping in mind about protection & safety as it has a water-resistant transparent window case, cross-body design, moreover RFID protection. The product is eco-friendly and cheap.

They are claiming 30days money-back guarantee for the buyers. It has a general FAQ section where you can go through all the details. Visitors can contact through their email Id or contact number to clarify their doubts. 10$ delivery charge has been taken for Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, and Alaska. We noticed mixed customer’s Gettouch Screen Purse Review about the product. Hence we recommend our readers check every detail minutely before buying the product.

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0 thoughts on “Gettouch Screen Purse Review {Dec 2020} Is It Scam?

  1. This product is not practical and useless.
    If you want to take a photo, you have to remove the phone from the bag.
    The phone gets stuck to the plastic window, making it difficult to remove.
    If a call come in, you have to hold the entire purse up to your ear.
    It’s difficult to press the side buttons on the cellphone. The back pocket is not big enough to get your hand into.
    It’s another item to carry around.

  2. Thank you for your review. You brought up some useful information. It makes sense. I decided not to buy after reading your review. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for review!!
    Didn’t buy because I have something JUST AS GOOD from Dollar Store.
    You saved me at least 100.00!!
    Which I budget tightly for every day.
    Especially, since Covid!
    Laurie won’t miss my pittance.

  4. I got the buy one get one free and paid an extra $10 for each of the purses ..
    Makes a great Christmas gift..
    I play more with my phone like games than I do using it..It would also work as extra protection from falls..I say why not try if

  5. They stole my money. Ups can’t find my package. Their is no customer service at company. The associates are rude and the supervisor hung up the phone on me. All they tell me is to keep waiting if ups can’t find my package how long am I supposed to wait.

  6. Great idea not executed well it appears. I have a Hobo purse all leather with all the pockets and card slots you could want and a slip pocket on the back that holds my phone. Got it years ago, Pre smart phone days, used it a lot and still going strong. Picked it up cheap at Nordstrom’s Off The Rack discount store. If you want a quality purse best to go with leather unless you have ethical reasons to avoid it. PVC does not look or wear like leather and because of cheap price point the rest of the purse will use cheap materials too.

  7. Thank you for the reviews above. I was about to purchase until reading them. I honestly didn’t think of taking a pic and how I would do that. Or if I needed to use one of the few side buttons. For these reasons I’ve changed my mind as well and will not be purchasing one of the purses.

  8. Received the purse last week. It’s a waste of money. Instead of purchasing the buy one get one, I decided to purchase the purse that was a little bigger so I could put more into it. It barely holds my car keys and won’t close. What a rip off.

  9. How they can continue to advertise and sell things with bad reviews I don’t understand. I thought this would really be nice for me and my daughter when we go on vacation together and like to wear pants with the pockets. Just to keep your phone around in case we need it for pictures or a family member calls us. But now I’m not sure if I’m buying it because I don’t know if it’s even gonna be working on that. Thanks for your reviews and your page.

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