Getsnowjoe com Reviews [Dec] Legit or a Scam Site?

Getsnowjoe com Reviews [Dec] Legit or a Scam Site?

Getsnowjoe com Reviews [Dec] Legit or a Scam Site? -> Get to know about an e-commerce website for all your snow-related tool needs.

It’s a lovely bright day; you decide it’s the perfect day for some coffee from your favorite coffee place, you step out, and boom! There’s snow on your head; there’s snow on the pathway, there’s snow everywhere. It’s that time of year again, time to choose between breaking your backs or slipping and breaking your nose.

The technology exists to make our lives easier, which is why today everyone is opting for cordless snow shovels, minimum effort, maximum output. People across the United States of America are switching to electric shovels and blowers.

This is why we are going to check Getsnowjoe com Reviews for our readers today and talk about an e-commerce website based in the United States and gradually gaining popularity.

What is

Snow Joe is an e-commerce website specializing in their cordless snow shovels and snow blowers, along with other snow-related tools.

With a tagline that says, “When is comes to snow, go to Joe,” they claim to be the #1 brand of cordless snow blowers.

Snow Joe warrants new, genuine powered and non-powered gadgets. They have a FAQ section on their page that covers a lot of personal questions. Interested readers can check out the FAQ’s provided on their website for further information.

Continue reading to find out about other aspects of Getsnowjoe com reviews.

Specifications of

  • Type of Website: – Online e-commerce website cordless snow shovels, blowers, and other snow-related items.
  • Mode of payments- PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, discover, affirm
  • Shipping Time:- Shipping is only available to the 48 contiguous states of the US.
  • Shipping rates:- Shipping is free.
  • Cancellation of order:- Call them at 1-866-SNOW-JOE(1-866-766-9563)
  • Company Physical Address:- They have their corporate headquarters, distribution centers, and customer service centers in New Jersey, with no specific address.
  • Company contact number:- Call them at 1-866-SNOW-JOE(1-866-766-9563)
  • Company email address:-

Pros of Shopping at

  • Secure payment gateways with SSL encryption.
  • Free shipping.
  • A return and exchange policy.
  • Seasonal discounts.
  • Quick and good customer service.
  • HTTPS protocol.
  • The right FAQ page was answering basic questions.

Cons of Shopping at

  • In case you are returning the item, a return label fee calculated by the UPS will be deducted.
  • Shipping takes some time and is somewhat shaky.
  • The quality of products is not very good, as per Getsnowjoe com Reviews. 
  • The reviews available on the website are only positive, which is shady at the very least.

Is legit or not?

We tried the time-tested methods to figure out the website’s legitimacy. The site is SSL certified, with a domain that has been running for the last 11 months. Getsnowjoe is a relatively new website, which can be a red flag, but they do have SSL encryption and HTTPS protocol, which means they’re legit.

According to our research, it can be said that the site is legit, though that does not have to mean it’s the best out there.

We looked for the Getsnowjoe com Reviews online and saw a specific pattern in almost all of them, though the ones on the site were very positive. Make sure before you pick any of the products from this website, you have done research on your end. You can always look for a better alternative on some reliable website. 

What are the Reviews?

The reviews available on the website are only positive ones that praise their products to a very great extent, making us question whether they are genuine.

However, the reviews we found on other websites are mostly 1-star reviews that say the products broke down very quickly. They do, however, say that customer service was very helpful; however, even when the customers exchanged their products, they often got another default product.

So we can conclude that the customer service is indeed good, it can be proved by the fact that they have provided their number and email as well, and the quality of products is questionable.

Final Verdict:-

Putting together all the points, we have concluded that, while the website seems genuine and legit, with good customer service, the products are not as top quality as they claim them to be.

The Getsnowjoe com Reviews found on their website and those found outside are very contradictory and make us question as to which one to believe.

We would suggest trusting the ones found on other websites as it seems they are not very upfront with showing their negative reviews, which makes them rather shady.

So, in conclusion, we advise our readers not to shop on and if you really have to use it, let us know your experience so others can also be awarded. 

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