Get Paid For App Reviews (Oct 2020) How is it Beneficial?

Get Paid For App Reviews (Oct 2020) How is it Beneficial?

Get Paid For App Reviews (Oct 2020) How is it Beneficial? . >> In the above article, you read about a way to earn extra money by writing reviews for mobile applications.

These days, many alternatives have come up that provide the opportunity to earn extra bucks, that too, with minimal efforts.

One such alternative popular in the United States is to review online applications. Many people have registered themselves and reviewing various apps across the Android and ios platform.

Interested people have to register themselves and take a few minutes out every day to review apps, and they can easily make a little extra money.

To know more about Get Paid to App Reviews, do read the following article.

About Get Paid to App Reviews:

Get Paid to App Reviews help people to earn extra. To do so, people have to register themselves websites that pay for writing reviews, download certain apps, and review them as per the portal’s specifications on which users have registered themselves.

Users can write reviews while sitting at home or on the go. It requires a few minutes daily and is an excellent way to extra money, ranging approximately $1 to $10 per review.

How to earn extra by App Reviews?

To Get Paid to App Reviews, users have first to register themselves with such platforms. Once they are approved as reviewers by these platforms, they will be allotted certain apps to review.

Once allotted, the users have to review these apps within 24 hours from the download. If they fail to rate and review the app within the provided time slot, the app is then passed on to other users for the review.

The reviews are expected to clear, genuine, and insightful. The pay for reviews are based on certain factors such as the type of app, the platform at which users register to review, etc.

Apps/Websites available for Get Paid to App Reviews:

Some websites and apps give users to earn money by writing reviews for multiple applications available on Android or ios. One of them, which is popular in many countries, is the Best Review App. Others are Survey Junkie, Swag Bucks, Life Points (that gives an option to participate in surveys and get up to $ 10).

Interested users can quickly get lists of these apps and websites, register themselves on these apps and websites, and become eligible to write reviews.

Points to Remember while Writing Reviews:

There are specific points that are to be kept in mind while writing reviews for earning money. Firstly, it should be ensured that the reviews are written are very crisp and clear. It should be well-written so that it could be easily understood and helpful for an ordinary app user.

Secondly, the reviews and the ratings should be genuine. They should exactly portray the accurate picture and state of the application, and should not be misguiding.


Get Paid to App Reviews is an effortless way to earn extra money. It just requires a few minutes from the user’s end and can be a good source for extra income, based on users’ appetite for reviewing apps available on various online platforms. 

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