Geechange Com Reviews (August) Is It Safe or Not?

Geechange Com Reviews (August) Is It Safe or Not?

Geechange Com Reviews (August) Is It Safe or Not?  >> In this article, you will read about a website that deals with transparent facemasks and other fashion and lifestyle items.

Hello to people of the United States! Are you looking for a one-stop-shop for all your hobbies and lifestyle? Did you just come across and are wondering whether at all to proceed? We would request you to give this article by Geechange Com Reviews a patient read. 

Geechange com Reviews is dedicated to bring out to customers like you a detailed study of the website to help you save the value of your money in case such sites are a scam!

So kindly go through before proceeding and remember to comment on whether the article was helpful or not below.

What is is a one-stop shopping destination for all your hobby and lifestyle shopping needsGeechange com Reviews discovered that this reasonably new player in the e-commerce domain is dedicated to giving its customers guaranteed satisfaction with their products. 

As on date, Geechange com Reviews found there is a huge stock clearance sale on the website, selling only one product which is transparent masks. 


  • Website type: Online shopping for transparent masks; hobby and lifestyle
  • Shipping time: 24 to 48 hours
  • Delivery time: for the United States 15-25 working days; International 10-20 working days
  • Shipping charge: Non-refundable and Chargeable for all returns
  • Return or Exchange: Within 14 days of order
  • Cancellation fee: $0.5 for all cancellations 
  • Refund: Processed within 3-5 business days.
  • Company address: Not provided
  •  Contact number: (330) 366-6583
  • Email address:
  • Payment mode: PayPal, Visa and Mastercard

Pros of using

  • The website is User-friendly.
  • At the door service provider.
  • All transactions are securely done through PayPal.
  • You can both return and exchange products.

Cons of Using

  • The company domain was registered on 17.07.2020.
  • There is no address for the website.
  • Cancellation fee charged even if order cancelled just after a second.
  • The shipping cost of cancelled/returned orders to be borne by the customer, which is non-refundable.
  • No customer reviews are available on the website.

Is Geechange a Scam?

Geechange com Reviews and team with their tireless efforts have discovered that was registered less than a few days ago on 17.07.2020. And as with all such new websites is registered to GoDaddy known for security loops. A more in-depth look into the website also reveals several anomalies.

Firstly, despite the website introducing itself as a fashion and lifestyle website, all Geechange com Reviews could find was transparent masks under their product category and nothing else. It seems the site is selling just one product in the name of sale, which is very fishy.

Another point to note is the delivery dates. The site claims the United States to be the primary customer while it delivers to several countries worldwide. But Geechange com reviews discovered that the maximum delivery time is taken for products to be shipped to the United States

Also, as there is no Address provided, it could not be ascertained where the company is located, although the phone number has Ohio’s area code. This fact makes matters even more suspicious as then delivery within the United States, according to Geechange com Reviews should not take 15-25 days!

Last but most important point is the lack of customer reviews. The website is so young that it is understandable to have few customers, but there is no feedback section on the site. Any honest merchant would never shy away from facing customer feedback; thus, this is another pointer towards scam!

What are Customers Saying?

Geechange com Reviews could find only a handful of customers for the site, that too as face masks are in fashion due to the ongoing Covid scenario! But even then, the response was negative. Most have received defective products to some having not received anything at all.

Their emails for return and refund have gone unanswered, and customers are furious upon being duped this way!

Also, customers have mentioned that the products delivered to them are different from the ones displayed on the webpage. This also acts as a hurdle between placing the orders. 

Also, the buyers have written that they won’t recommend the same to the others for any further purchases.

Our Verdict

It is always advisable always to stay away from websites less than six-month-old as they are mostly fraudulent. Geechange com Reviews, based on everything that was found, concludes that the site is a scam. It is better to look for alternatives to fulfil one’s requirements, as there are many other better options available.

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  1. I ordered a Keter Folding Table Work Bench through through a Facebook add on Aug 2, 2020. As of Aug 7, 2020, I have received no information on the order what so ever, which was payed through PayPal. I have submitted a claim with PayPay to get a refund. We’ll see what happens. Should have been more careful.

    1. Same situation for me. I ordered the work table have not received anything. I have not submitted a paypal claim. Did you receive a refund?

  2. I paid for my work bench table and I cant track the order and I cant reach anyone to tell me about my order I bought it aug 6 2020 and nothing yet today is aug 30 2020 seems likely that I have been ripped off i will ask PayPal for a refund as well.

  3. I too ordered the Folding Work Table, on August 4, 2020. As of September 16, I have not received it, or anything else. No receipt. No tracking number. No purchase conformation. Nothing. Looks like it’s another Scam. At this point, I would recommend that you do not do any business with

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