Gabattleground com (Jan 2021) Georgia Fundraising Website

Gabattleground com (Jan 2021) Georgia Fundraising Website

Gabattleground com (Jan 2021) Georgia Fundraising Website -> hey! If you are interested in contributing to Georgia Battleground Fund, please check it here.

Every year the United States collects Georgia Battleground funds from its residents via Gabattelground com website or other links for senators campaigns and National Republican Senatorial Committee to save the Senate majority by collecting donations from people across there. You can make contributions a minimum of $35 once or repeatedly.

If you are looking forward to saving the Senate by contributing to it, continue reading this article as we are giving you a brief description of it below!

What is Gabattelground com?

It’s a fundraising website through which you can contribute some amount to National Republican Senatorial Committee and senators(David Perdue and kelly Loeffler) campaigns.

This helps you to donate to Senate Georgia Battleground Fund, sanctioned by and organized by Perdue of Senate, NRSC, and Georgians for Kelly Loeffler. Gabattelground com registered on November 10th, 2020, and will expire on November 10th 2021.

You can donate a minimum of dollar thirty-five to the Georgia Battleground Fund, and the maximum amount for contribution depends on you. Further, if you wish to give donations weekly, you can choose the recurring donation option until the expiration date, i.e., November 10th, 2020. 

Once you have completed this, you will be asked to give your confidential details, and then the website does Verification of your personal information. If Verification gets approved, your contribution will be collected automatically through your provided credit card details.

The exact location of the Battleground is given below:

Senate Georgia Battleground Fund

Po Box 60148 Washington, DC 20039.

NRSC announcement regarding Georgia Battleground Fund:

On November 19th, 2020, NRSC announced about the Georgia Battleground fund’s 

leadership team, guided by National Republican Senatorial Battleground Chairman Sen. Todd Young and Karl Rove, the national finance Chairman of the United States. The leadership team will consist of nearly 50 states and a group of honorary and national co-chairs. You can go through the deep details about it online.

Donate your money directly through NRSC official website.

Who are eligible to donate to Georgia Battleground Fund?

Following are the rules if you contribute via Gabattelground com or other:

  • Only the U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the United States holding a green card.
  • Contribution must be done from your fund and not taken from other persons for fund contributions purposes.
  • You should make your contribution through your credit card and not through a business or Corporate credit card or a credit card of another entity.
  • Should be of at least eighteen years old. Further, shouldn’t contribute on behalf of any corporate, national bank, organization, federal contractors, or any other impermissible source.


If you are willing to donate from your part to Georgia Battleground funds, you can easily contribute through the Gabattelground com website. You are first required to verify yourself as the United States citizen or a permanent resident having a green card. 

We have mentioned above all the details regarding this website to contribute to the senators’ campaigns once or weekly easily. I hope this article helps you to donate to Georgia Battleground Funds.

0 thoughts on “Gabattleground com (Jan 2021) Georgia Fundraising Website

  1. I’m retired and my only income is SS. I’d really like to contribute but your minimum of $35 is too much for me. As a Conservative I’m very disappointed and disturbed that you are unwilling to accept donations from the elderly who also love America and want to save her for the generations to come.

  2. Why do AMERICANS OR GEORGIA taxpayers have to donate $$ for you dumbass people we elected to STOP CHEATING!! Do you fucking job or we all will suffer!! Ya Georgia wake up

    1. You republic polatitions should have fought for President Trump not set on your ass doing nothing none of you but Trump should get a pay check he had to do your job he handed you all the crimes the democrats done and you all done nothing you all are worthless you was showed the crimes you’ done nothing I’ll never vote again and I will tell others not to vote you all should be FIRED

  3. Is it ok if I mail a personal check to the address listed above? I am a citizen of the United States.

    I don’t have a credit card.

    Scott McCarter
    709 Emerald Bay
    Laguna Beach CA 92651

  4. Go to Winred, a site and donate
    You can fill in any amount you wish and all they ask is if your retired or employed
    You don’t need to provide your phone # but do a email
    Do though make sure to uncheck the weekly donation square and other if don’t wish to participate in as stated
    Stop the Dems!

  5. I will mail contribution to the address listed above.
    I am a citizen, also immigrant. This country is slowly looking like Cuba, Russia, China.
    All, the markers are in place for an inside take over.
    If Republicans don’t this country will be Socialist/Communist you can take that to the bank.

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