G Herbo Scam (Dec) Check Out All The Details Here!

G Herbo Scam (Dec) Check Out All The Details Here!

G Herbo Scam (Dec) Check Out All The Details Here! >> This article will tell you about a scam committed by a famous rapper and songwriter and his crew.

Have you heard of the latest scam involving a well-known rapper? If you haven’t, please read on as we tell you all about the G Herbo Scam

G Herbo and his associates, which include some famous names, have been charged with committing a fraud to support their lavish lifestyle. 

Herbert Randall Wright 3, who is known as G Herbo, which is his stage name, is a rapper and a songwriter and belongs to Chicago, the United States. He recently even made it to the Forbes 30 under 30.

Let’s tell you all about this scam and the people involved in carrying out this scam.

All To Know About the G Herbo Scam

G Herbo has many songs accredited to his name – PTSD, Ridin Wit it, Feelings, Friends and Foes, and so many more. He started his career in the year 2012 and has since then gained quite a bit of popularity in the United States

G Herbo, Anotonio Strong, Joseph Williams, and other associates were charged in a court as they committed wire fraud and identity theft. 

They used the dark web and other sources to obtain stolen card details and have also been accused of using fake IDs, email accounts, and driver licenses to fool legit businesses and individuals. As they were using aliases and the card details were authentic, the transactions were easily processed.

Some More Information

As per the details of the G Herbo Scam, the crew used stole credit card information and used it to pay for their exotic stays, private yacht charters, car rentals, trips on private jets, and other lavish activities. 

They also purchased two designer puppies in 2017 from a Michigan dealer as a part of this scam. They have been involved in this scam for over four years and have committed frauds worth over a million. The crew would communicate with each other over social media, messages, and emails and used coded words to refer to the stolen information.

G Herbo has already surrendered, though a source claims that he looks forward to establishing his innocence in court.

G Herbo Scam: Final Views

These days more and more people are switching online to make payments. They use their credit cards to do so. This has resulted in a rise in cyber frauds, with many people losing money online to such scams.

If you shop online, please make sure that you are educated on how to keep yourself safe and make payments only on websites that are secure and keep your personal data protected. 

When celebrities who are already so well known and make so much money commit such frauds, it brings the issue to lime light and the importance of being safe online.

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