Funny Dressing com Reviews (Feb) Is This Real Or Scam?

Funny Dressing com Reviews (Feb) Is This Real Or Scam?

Funny Dressing com Reviews (Feb) Is This Real Or Scam? >> The write-up shares comprehensive details about a newly launched portal for gifts and helps buyers to make the right choice.

Are you looking for unique and custom products to gift someone special? Do you want to surprise your loved ones this Christmas with custom gifts? Funny Dressing brings the largest collection of unique and customized products for gifting this Christmas. Read the Funny Dressing com Reviews to have a better understanding of the website.      

Funny Dressing is the online store where one can get customized gifts and products for the upcoming Christmas. Members from the United States who want to express themselves uniquely this Christmas, Funny Dressing com, is the place where they must visit.  

The store is well versed in the demands for people, and they provide all sorts of custom products that satisfy the needs of people, regardless of their age. The online store helps you access highly professional production houses and suppliers to fulfill your desire for custom gifts. Read the Reviews to understand the store better.  

What is Funny Dressing com?

Funny Dressing com is an online retailer that deals with various gifts and customized products for Christmas. The website sells different customized products to United States members to surprise their beloved this festive season. 

Online shoppers looking for unique gifts and products to bring a smile to the face of their beloved this festive season, Funny Dressing com is the online store they must pay a visit virtually. Their unique range of customized gifts helps the buyers express their thoughts and feelings to the recipients.

We all want to offer customized gifts to our beloved in the festive season. Funny Dressing com ensures connecting the buyers to professional production houses and suppliers to fulfill their gift needs. Please check the Funny Dressing com Reviews below for more details about the store.   


  • Website URL –
  • Products – Gift items and customized gifts
  • Email Support –
  • Payment Modes – The store accepts payments via all MasterCard and Visa cards, and PayPal Payments
  • Delivery and Shipping – All orders are shipped within 5-10 business days, and for international orders, it may take around 1-2 weeks for product shipment and delivery. The order tracking number takes 1-2 days to reflect in the carrier’s system. The charges for shipping and delivery may vary depending upon the location and number of orders. 
  • Return Policy – All gift products and items purchased from the official website are eligible for a 30-day return policy. It means if buyers are not satisfied with the product or it is defective, you may raise a return request by writing at their email support. If the product is eligible for a return, the company will initiate a return for the product. 
  • Refund Policy – As the return is accepted and inspects, a notification email will be sent to the buyer. It informs about the rejection or approval of the refund. As the refund is approved after inspection, it is processed and credited back to the original payment method. 
  • Physical Address – Not Mentioned
  • Contact Number – No contact number other than email support 
  • Social Links – Not Mentioned     

Pros of Funny Dressing com

  • Free shipping on two or more products
  • Quality products from professional suppliers and production houses
  • Customized gifts for your beloved ones
  • A refund policy is available
  • All orders come with 30 days return policy

Cons of Funny Dressing com

  • There are no Funny Dressing com Reviews available online
  • The domain age is only 13 days old
  • The quality of products is still questionable as no review available
  • Order delivery time is too long 

Is Funny Dressing com Legit or Scam?

Any website’s legitimacy is judged based on the domain age, customer reviews, and product quality it sells. Funny Dressing com is comparatively a new website which was registered 13 days ago. Plus, the website lacks in gathering responses from the verified customers, and after analysis, we found no reviews regarding the website. So, it would be too early to judge it and confirm its legitimacy. Hence, buyers must do their research before buying any product from the website. 

Since the online portal is new, there are no Reviews available online. For buyers, it is challenging to trust such a new website. Online buyers are requested to do their research before buying any product from the website. 

Customer’s Reviews

As mentioned, the website is comparatively new and registered 13 days ago and hence we have found no reviews or feedback from verified customers. It is too early to judge the legitimacy of the website and come to a conclusion. But on the basis of the negative factors, this site seems to be suspicious. 

So, it is best to do research online and evaluate its legitimacy before dealing with the website.  

You may look for some trusted reviews from the legit website to confirm its legitimacy. It would be best to make your purchasing decision based on a few Funny Dressing com Reviews. Please do your research and look for unbiased reviews to learn more about the site and purchase from it. 

Final Thought 

Funny Dressing com is the newly launched web portal that deals in custom gifts and products. Since the website is comparatively new, it lacks in gathering reviews and feedback from customers. But on the basis of the negative reasons, this site seems to be suspicious.

So, it is very challenging for buyers to buy products from a new website. So, they are requested that they must do their research online before putting their money on this website. They must check online for some unbiased Funny Dressing com Reviews and decide based on the results. 

Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

112 thoughts on “Funny Dressing com Reviews (Feb) Is This Real Or Scam?

  1. I learnt the hard way not to trust these pop-up sites. Thankfully I got my money back through PayPal after a lot of stuffing around. From what I have found out they only open for a short time, take your money and run. I have a list of sites I will not be dealing with again. They all seem to have the same things for sale with different prices. As of now I am buying nothing that comes from China.

      1. I also had this problem paid 100 $ with shipping for an item that is worth 20 plus they didn’t even get the order right. I’m in Canada. So frustrated this was a xmas present for my daughter. How were you able to get your money back. What a horrible experience

      2. I’m not happy! Took over a month to receive then when I got it it was a cheap 10$ blanket with no pillows I emailed them and they wont give me a refund! I’m beyond pissed I paid 65$ these people are scamers

      1. I just did exactly the same thing… $122 for the two blankets with free shipping and I got a tiny throw blanket that’s worthless… I’ve sent 5-6 emails and I’m fighting them through PayPal as well. Such BS.

    1. This is a VERY deceptive site. What I received yesterday is a joke. Missing part and bedding is MUCH smaller and the color is wrong! Cheap crap! Zolucky is also a scam. Happy I was aware of this prior to ordering.

    2. I ordered the same as you. 3 piece set. I only got a throw and its not even the colour I asked for nor the size. No pillow covers. I have been in a week long conversation with them with them stating they sent me what I ordered. With the conversion, I paid 120! For a throw? Yeah I don’t think so! I’m going to contact PayPal! Thank you for your review! Wish I’d known sooner!

    3. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE, huge scam, ripped me off when ordering the fuzzy blankets comforter set I received a tiny pillowcase size blanket for both of them I ordered that I spent almost $100 for, and then they wouldn’t replace or refund

  2. Wish I would of known this. I’ve ordered a twin 3 piece blanket, pillow case set for my daughter. It was called cotton candy color and the other day got a baby size blanket and said I recieved it. I’m so angry and upset that people could be so dang heartless and take advantage of people like this.

    1. It sounds like I ordered the same thing as you. Still waiting for mine. If things like this are happening people need to go after PayPal because they absolutely know they are contributing to consumer fraud!
      D. Rowe

      1. I ordered and had a very similar issue. I ordered a 3 piece set and got a small (baby sized) throw in the wrong color. When I contacted them they keep telling me that is what I ordered. Even when I sent them a copy of my order that says 3 pieces, they argue that what they sent me is correct! Very unhappy!

        1. I ordered the same exact thing for Christmas and got a tiny blanket that would only fit a toddler. I have emailed them asking for my money back and they asked me to send them a picture so I did and now they are saying they will check with the warehouse???? I’m just going to dispute this fraud to my bank to dispute it. This is the only way I’m going to get my money back. I think after all these reviews in here this site can consider funny a scan site.

        2. Exact same thing happened to me. “Please check your order” is all they keep saying even though I screen shot them the actual order that said queen sized blanket and pillows. Grrrr

      2. order the same thing and also got a baby size blanket not pleased with this site and i hope other people read this before they put in there order

          1. and if possible put in the subject that it is about this stupid site. I got a toddlers throw blanket when I ordered two queen sets with pillow cases and they keep saying they sent the right stuff AND I got over charged…..

          2. I ordered a full queen size blanket with 2 pillow cases and only received the baby size blanket. They are telling me I got exactly what I ordered. Also on the website it said AUD 76.76 but when it processed with PayPal it processed at $110.06!

          3. Happened to me too. Ordered 6 (3) piece bedding sets for queen and full size. i did not get what they were advertising. i got 6 small lap throws that would not even fit a crib. what a joke. i am glad i went through pay pal hopefully get my money back. The Funnydressing co. offered to give me refund if i sent it back to China, and gave me 12 days to do it.\, when it took them 3 months to send me the wrong product and it would cost about 100.00. RIP OFF!

        1. I turned them into the Federal Trade Commission. If we get enough people to do this then we can possibly get them shut down . Also we have a chance to a refund.
          When we all get a throw instead our order that we paid for them this is intentional.

        2. I had the same thing happen! Ordered a queen bed set & received a small throw blanket (like the customer above said I could’ve paid $20 for… not $76!) & no pillow shams in the order either. When u emailed them about a month ago asking where my product was, they replied w a tracking #. Now when I email them it comes back as no known email address. This website is a total scam. My bank said they will file a complaint & refund me my money

        3. This is exactly what I am currently dealing with! I was a little hesitant because of the mixed reviews on Facebook so I paid with PayPal. Had I seen this site, I would not have ordered at all. I filed a claim with PayPal and escalated it this weekend because I was getting no where with them. Praying I get my money back.

      3. Same thing happened to me, if you were able to get a refund please reply. I ordered the 3 piece twin set for my daughter and received a tiny blanket. Currently going back and forth with these people. This is ridiculous!

      4. I ordered the same thing for my granddaughter for Christmas. I ordered the blue one. Just got it two weeks ago and it’s a baby blanket. The company is saying that is what I order and cannot refund my money. It’s the cheapest piece of cloth. I paid $45 with shipping and waited three months for it. I will never buy from FB popups again. Rip off!!!

    2. I ordered this for my granddaughter for Christmas. What came was a furry throw type blanket and no pillow covers. Not a 3 piece set. I ordered the queen size and spent $65.00. I should have known better, but my daughter-in-law sent me the link

    3. Same happened to me I ordered the ice cream one the colors were correct but it was supposed to be a twin size and it will maybe be big enough for a crib
      I also ordered a blue and purple mixed one and it was all blue and no pillow covers with either.. I’ve gone back and forth with them for 2 weeks and nothing can be done they said what you got is what you ordered I’m so pissed not even sure what to do

      1. Ordered 12/3…Partial shipment received AFTER I reported this to Chase. Will be returning! It WAS a christmas gift for my grand-daughter. Duvet Is much smaller than I ordered and NO shams

      1. I ordered the same thing and got a little blue blanket. They keep telling me it’s what I ordered. So frustrated. And it took over a month to get it from the time I ordered. I want my money back.

    4. I ordered the same thing and its a crib size blanket. I ordered a twin and the blue was a solid color not the one I ordered. I guess we should start reading reviews before we order things. And it took over a month to receive and they say refunds will only be processed within 30 days.

    5. Same happened to me. I paid $70 for what was supposed to be a comforter (FULL SIZE) and 2 pillow cases. I received a throw blanket and they claimed that’s what I ordered. It said in the description of my order it was a full size comforter with 2 pillow cases clear as day in bold print. This website is a scam 100%. And now they won’t answer my emails

    6. Exact same thing happened to me!!! I am so ? I opened a dispute with paypal! They gonna run me my money back and I hope you get yours back as well!

    7. Omg the very same thing happened to me and despite several emails back and forth, the company wouldn’t refund nor send my missing pillowcases. I paid $70, for a damn throw blanket… what a ripoff! Not to mention, it was delivered 68 days after I ordered it and didn’t arrive in time for Christmas. I dealt with Caroline in customer service and she was rude and apparently the customer is not always right…..Even though I am. Very upset.

  3. Ordered from them and they overcharged for the items I order under their site price and no one to respond to as there is no real contact information. Stopped card charges and let the bank search it out. The Company went thru PayPal and I have no account with Pay Pal.

  4. Ordered a twin size bedding set for my niece. Was supposed to come with a twin sized blanket and two pillow cases. It the pictures and order description it looked super cute. Instead what I received was a single blanket the size of a bath mat and that is it. The support email response is that I got what I ordered even though I clearly did not. I have tried comments on their Facebook and to reach out there. But they are deleting anything that negative reflects on them.
    Super angry and frustrated

  5. I ordered a fuzzy blanket and pillow covers for my Granddaughter for Christmas on Friday 11/25. I did not use pay pal but a credit card. I was given an order number and they said I would receive a conformation number as soon as the order went through. Been two days and have received nothing. I did get an order number when I placed the order. Emailed the company have spoken to about three different people none of whom can find my order. Will call the credit card company on Monday to get my money back. I am pretty sure it is a scam.

    1. Same thing happened to me. They keep arguing that they sent what I ordered and will not budge from that even when I sent them a copy of my order that shows 3 piece set! I, too, have left negative comments and they keep being deleted. So very angry right now!

      1. I ordered 4 sets and I never did get my order they said they delivered it they gave me a tracking number that didn’t even belong to my address nor did it come from them my post office printed the tracking number out it showed that the package weighed 6 oz and it went to a different address so it’s definitely a scam I am still fighting for my money back since October 27,2020

    2. I ordered three blankets with pillow shams paid $156. After 59 days I received my order got three baby sized blankets no shams. Emailed company several times they keep saying my order is on its way. Paid with bank card. If anyone has any success with a refund please let me know. Beyond frustrated for being taken advantage of.

  6. Same happened to me. Ordered a 3 piece set and they sent a throw blanket, so far nothing with customer support and I don’t have a PayPal account . I’m hoping I can get my money back

    1. I got the exact same thing ! I ordered three piece bedroom blanket with pillow cases for my niece’s for Christmas and I got baby size blankets at $48 a piece ! And everything I have tried even their support system I have to pay $5 to for 7 days? But I do not know how to get my money back !

  7. Don’t buy from them. I ordered a 6 fuzzy blankets and pillow covers for my Family. I ordered 2 king size, 2 queen size, 2 twin size. I finally received my order. But I only received a baby blanket size blanket and a 5ft by 5ft size throw blanket. Not what I ordered at all. I’ve contacted PayPal so hopefully I’ll receive my money back.

    I ordered a Twin size 3 piece blanket… what I got (1 month later) was a 2 foot x 2.5 foot “throw” blanket that doesn’t even cover my legs fully. No 3 pieces either. TOTAL RIP OFF SCAM!!! DO NO BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!

  9. I recently purchased their fluffy blanket. Complete scam. They sent me a throw blanket instead of the queen size blanket with the 2 pillow covers, I emailed their support & they kept telling me they sent me the correct item. I took pictures of my order & showed them what they sent me was not as described. Took pictures of the blanket as well & sent it to them. They had to audacity to tell me they sent me the correct items. Now I’m asking them for a refund. It’s RIDICULOUS. I also wrote a review for the blanket. They deleted it. It was there for a few minutes. Then I checked back like an hour later & it was gone. Pretty much explains the whole reason why there aren’t any reviews.

  10. Similar to the other reviews, I purchased a queen sized blanket with 2 pillow cases and they delivered a small throw blanket. I’ve reached out to either a refund or to have the items i ordered shipped and they said the order they delivered is correct, I provided them images and screenshots of what was advertised vs what was delivered.

    1. Same problem with my mom. Ordered a twin size blanket and basically got a baby blanket. Paid a lot of money for something that I could have went to the store and bought better quality and better price. I emailed them but they just said I got what I paid for. I thought about reporting this company. They shouldn’t be allowed to scam people like this.

  11. Scam! I ordered a 3 piece bedding set for $65 and they sent me a throw blanket! And they do not allow returns because they say they sent me the correct thing! $65 for a throw blanket….I DONT THINK SO!

  12. order the same thing and also got a baby size blanket not pleased with this site and i hope other people read this before they put in there order.

    1. I had the same thing happen to me when I ordered their 3 piece blanket set. I recieved the wrong colour. It was much smaller and way thinner then the pictures and descriptions. I also never recieved the shams that I was supposed to get with the blanket. I emailed the company several times and even included the e bill to show that it shows the correct colour I should have received and that I should have recieved shams. They kept replying, “you got what you ordered”. I posted a review on their website and it also was removed. I will be contacting the better business bureau and the Canadian antifraud Agency to report them. I suggest everyone do the same.

  13. I ordered 2 twin cotton candy blankets and pillow cases and all i recieved was two baby size blankets not very pleased with this order will never order from them again and i hope other people will read these and not order from them

  14. Do not order from this place! I placed an order for a full size blanket two pillow cases which took servers weeks to arrive. What I received was a tiny, low quality throw (in the wrong color), and no pillow cases. I’ve explained that this was a gift for my daughters birthday which is in TWO days. I’ve gone back and forth with Funny Dressing via email four times. I’ve sent pictures of the item that was sent to me along the packaging- they still haven’t agreed to give me a refund. Do yourself a favor and order from a reputable store.

  15. The same thing happened to me, I ordered a twin blanket with 2 pillow covers and I received a throw blanket. I contacted them several times and they just keep telling me I received the correct order.

  16. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. I bought a queen size with pillow covers. Ordered it before Thanksgiving for my grand daughter for a present.
    It came from Wuhan China. It finally came after I spent $64 on it and it was suppose to be 3 pieces, we got the blanket the size of a twin or a throw blanket. After and back and forth with their email for 2 weeks asking them to send me the pillow covers. They asked for pictures, they acted like they didn’t understand because they are all from china. I put it on my AMEX card and it comes through paypal. I tried calling the phone number on the credit card statement which doesn’t work, I called AMEX and AMEX is sending me my money back. Be

    1. betty do u have the phone number for amex? my mom ordered one for my niece and of coarse they are saying they can’t find my order! i have sent them everything they have asked for and still nothing!

  17. I also ordered a Queen size 3 piece set and instead received a throw blanket. Customer service was no help and insisted I received what I ordered. Reported to the Federal Trade Commission and disputed with my bank for fraud.

  18. Ordered the 3 piece bedding in full/queen size, got a baby throw. Disputed with my credit card company & will be refunded my money, they were iffy at first but i sent them copies of what i ordered & received along with emails i have sent to the company & they issues a refund.

  19. I am in the same boat ordered what I thought was the 3 piece set and got a tiny throw, in the wrong colour. I have reported the site through FaceBook as it is where I first saw the ad and also through the BBB in Canada. The Refund policy only applies to items not on sale but it seems everything is on sale. I am still fighting with the company through email for a resolution. I know that this is partially my fault for not fully investigating all of the polices ie the terms and conditions which are like no other I have ever read, but also feel it is false advertising. By the time I paid for shipping and the exchange my baby throw cost $90 CAD. I just don’t want any others to have to go through this especially when money is tight.

  20. This has happened to me also! I ordered 2 queen size 3 piece sets and got a baby blanket!! Sent them proof of what I ordered and what I received and they are telling me that my items are correct!! What do I do? I paid over $100.00 for 2 $20.00 baby blankets!!!!!!!

    1. They did the same thing to me!!
      $96 they took from me.
      They also told that it was the correct item.

      I say we all report them to the BBB

  21. Yep. Ordered a twin 3-piece set, got a baby blanket. I emailed them but I am pretty sure nothing will come of it. Has anyone been successful in getting their money back from the credit card company?

  22. I ordered from here 3 months ago and just for my king size fuzzy blanket last week. However, it does NOT fit my king size bed. I have emailed them and basically went off. Never again will I order for a stupid ad.

  23. Same as all the above … ordered a Queen Size Fuzzy Blanket with Pillow Covers. Got a 50×70 throw blanket. Returning it is either $63 with USPS or $120ish with UPS. So can’t get a refund. Not happy.

  24. I also ordered a twin 3-piece set, got a baby blanket, also, not 3 pieces. After multiple emails they just keep saying we mailed you the right product. Ended up buying our kids bedding from Target just in time for Christmas. But I’m pissed. And it is a scam. Bc it said it was eligible for a 30 day return policy, which they refuse to honor. I plan on disputing the charge first thing Monday as fraudulent and then reporting them to the better business bureau.

  25. SCAM!!! Do not order from these cooks. I ordered a twin size blanket with 2 pillow cases. A 3 piece set. What I got would work nicely on a doll bed.

  26. This place is a total scam! My daughter-in-law ordered a twin set in tie dye and received a blue crib size blanket. They told her that is what she ordered even when she sent a picture and confirmation of her order!

  27. Same story as all of above I ordered it twin size blanket and pillow cases for my granddaughter for Christmas. It took almost two months to get here after many many emails and what I got was a baby size 3. Even though I’ve sent many emails showing clearly my original order and what I received they keep saying the order was correct. Do not order from this site anybody and pass the word on to as many people as possible. To say I’m unhappy is putting it mildly! Plus my granddaughter now has no Christmas present I will have to find something else after Christmas. Because it took so long to get here it’s past the 30 days for PayPal so I’m out of luck there too.!

  28. If anyone here paid by Paypal report it to them. They know all about these crooks. You will get your money back. If you paid another way contact your bank and give them this website. You too will get your money back. EVERYONE needs to report these idiots to Facebook.

  29. Same as everyone! Ordered 3 Twin bed blankets and pillow case sets and one King and pillow case set but got baby blankets and no pillow cases. I emailed immediate and they asked for pictures and ‘really wanted to find a solution’ but then dismissed me saying ‘that’s what your ordered’. Even after pointing out that they didn’t send me the pillow cases and the blanket sizes were wrong, they said I’d get no refund or return options. So I made a dispute claim with my bank because I paid by Visa. How do we stop these companies?? Their website looked legit otherwise. Such a scam!

  30. I ordered the 3 piece TWIN set in purple/blue swirl 2 months ago for my daughter for Christmas. The order finally came after Christmas and was completely wrong. I received one BABY sized blanket in the wrong color. Wrong color, wrong size, wrong item all together. We are very upset to say the least. I’ve been emailing back and forth with this company for 3 days and they still haven’t taken care of the problem. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

  31. I ordered the same exact thing for Christmas and got a tiny blanket that would only fit a toddler. I have emailed them asking for my money back and they asked me to send them a picture so I did and now they are saying they will check with the warehouse???? I’m just going to dispute this fraud to my bank to dispute it. This is the only way I’m going to get my money back. I think after all these reviews in here this site can consider funny a scan site.

  32. I also bought from Funny Dressing the same 3 piece bedding set and received a throw. I also was told that I received what I ordered.
    I went to PayPal and they finally said that if I sent it back to China in the original package as I had received it.
    I of course opened it to find the wrong product so it won’t pass so no refund. I told them that’s okay because I intend to report their company all
    over the internet. I started with the Federal Trade Commission, then the site called Ripoff report, and the Pissed Off site and still looking for more sites.
    We need to all group together and report this scam company all over. Join me on this quest.

  33. I ordered the same thing, the 3 peice Blanket set. I ordered a king and a twin set. They delivered 2 worthless blankets that were the size of a t-shirt. Only one peice in each set. I sent them back. So now I lost my money And the product. They refuse to deposit my money back on my card. $96 !!! This is a LOT of money to me right now.
    p.s. I found out the hard way

  34. I too got a baby sized blanket when I ordered a FULL/QUEEN, it was even the wrong color. I am fighting to get my money back through PayPal they want me to send back the baby blanket tot he tune of $35!!! I would only end up netting a $10 refund.

  35. Never recieved anything from them and I ordered on Nov 3rd. Tried to contact them threw email and they just keep telling me it was sent and they don’t do refunds. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM.

  36. I order 2 of the queen 3 piece sets. I got 2 baby blankets. I emailed them and they told me that is what I ordered. Not for 115.00 I hope they know I want my money back they can have their two baby blankets back I am so upset!!!!

  37. Scam, scam, scam! I ordered a queen size fluffy blanket with 2 pillow covers. Received a twin size blanket with no pillow covers. They also charged me too much (sales tax on shipping and insurance). They agreed to reimburse me for sales tax, but never did. I complained and send them pictures and they told me that I received what i ordered.

  38. I got scammed too! Ordered 4 of the queen 3 Pc sets. Took 2 months to receive and sent them countless emails asking where my items were. Received 4 throw blankets. No pillow covers. Not even big enough to cover that top of the bed. Went thru PayPal and they have approved my refund upon receipt of the return of these tiny throws. I paid $212.36 for them all. I took them to post office to return. They said it would cost me $193 to send them back. Ridiculous. Total scam. Don’t buy from this company. Total junk.

  39. Just got scammed by these a-holes this Christmas! Gifts for my girls: 2 twin size 3-piece sets of fuzzy bed sets. Been emailing Caroline Li for 2 weeks now. Thrilling stuff! Same as everyone above….”we sent you what you ordered” “we’re sorry you are displeased”. I’ve reported them to Instagram and Fb. I’m just gonna help emailing them for months and months until I find something better to do in this pandemic quarantine world!! :))

  40. Same issue all the others had. Going to talk to Paypal about a refund, but nothing yet. When I contacted them, I was told they would refund $3 since I got what I ordered! I ordered a comforter with shams and got a throw worth about $20…I paid $70! BEWARE! Lets all report this to Facebook…

  41. Scam. I ordered a 3 piece comforter set for my daughter for Christmas spent 49.98 and only received a rug. They go in circles about what they sent and its not what I received.. never again will I order off of these people who take my money and not give me what I ordered.

  42. After reading the reviews, I am in the same situation. Ordered a three piece set and was given a throw the size of a bathroom rug. They are emailing me it’s the same product. DO NOT ORDER
    FROM THIS SITE. Pass this on to anyone you know.

  43. This company is a fraud! Buyers beware!!!!!! They will send you a small blanket!!! No pillow cases!!!!!No one in their right mind would pay them all that money for what they are selling!!! I opened a dispute with paypal!!!

  44. Well. It looks like my wife and I are in this mix. We ordered a 3 piece set. 1 blanket and 2 pillowcases. I sent screenshots to them, letting them know there was a mistake and was told several times that there wasn’t a mistake. Hopefully, people looking at their site will research and find this and stay away from them. I wish we would have.

  45. I also ordered the cute fuzzy blanket for 47.18. Pay pal is negotiating with them, but they want me to return the small blanket to China. the shipping cost is over $30. I am so mad i wasn’t able to give my granddaughter a Christmas present.

  46. I too ordered the fuzzy blanket!! It said it came with 2 pillow cases, which it did not and the blanket was way smaller than the website specified (even the tag says it’s Geiger that it is). I have contacted their customer service and just keep getting the same message back that I got what I ordered!! I will tell anyone to never order from this place. And it took over a month to come. Unfortunately, this will have to be a lesson learned and I won’t be making this mistake again!!!

  47. I ordered a 3 piece twin comforter. I got a piece of material that wouldn’t fit a crib. Not even the right color. $27.95 to send back. Upset I got this piece of junk and I have to pay to send it back.

  48. Do NOT order from this site/store!!!!!!!! It is a SCAM. They take your money and do not send what you ordered. I ordered a 3 piece set – 1 blanket and 2 pillow covers and I received 1 pillow cover. They asked for proof so I sent them 5 pictures of my order and payment and they just keep sending emails saying I only ordered 1 pillow cover. It’s not possible to only order 1 piece. It comes as a set! They are liers and should be charged and shut down. I repeat – DO NOY ORDER from this site/store!

  49. This is a scam. I ordered 2 full/queen sized blankets with pillow covers. They were supposed to be a 3 piece set. Got a notice the end of November that my order was delivered. NOT. Contacted them and finally received a package 10 weeks after ordering but received 2 throws. They refuse to refund . I am going to dispute this charge with my credit card. Had I known the product was coming from China, I never would have ordered. I will never order anything ever again from an ad on Facebook.

  50. I purchased a twin sized 3 piece fluffy set dec 2 2020 paid 53 dollars only to receive a baby blanket over 30 days later. My 10 yr old grand daughter was so disappointed when her gift did not arrive by Christmas . She was so excited when it finally arrived knowing what it was supposed to be & went into tears when she opened it to find a baby blanket. Sent pictures, confirmation of items ordered & received. Their response 5 times ; you received what you ordered . They will not correct or refund. This company is a scam, a rip off company. Wish I had come across this page before I ordered.
    I posted a bad review on their website. They removed it! This kind of business only makes it harder for the legit companies to do business.

  51. Another person burnt by this company! Ordered twin 3 piece fluffy comforter for my grand daughter 12/2/2020 took over a month to receive. Paid $53 on a 50% off sale, but received a cheap $10 baby blanket which they call a throw blanket. Have reached out to them 5 times with pictures of confirmation & received items. Was told every time I received what I ordered. This company is a scam/ rip off. They are making it hard for legit companies to do business. Wish I had found this web page before I placed an order.
    Also posted a bad review on their site but they removed it.


  53. I have tried dealing with PayPal and they got it to where I can send the crap back so I can get a refund, but the place gave an invalid address and it is going to cost $75 dollars to ship it so now I am out $130!!!! ??? if anyone has another option that can help please help me out!!!

  54. Can’t they be shut down? I too was totally scammed and did not get what I ordered. I have been in contact with them, funny how they answer me back. I show a print screen of what I ordered and they will not refund or send me a label to return. I ordered a 3 pc set for my daughter and got 1 pc of fabric.

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