Fresh Patch Reviews (Sep 2020) Reveal its Facts Below.

Fresh Patch Reviews (Sep 2020) Reveal its Facts Below.

Fresh Patch Reviews (Sep 2020) Reveal its Facts Below .>> Read this article to review a natural and very easy-to-use pet grass for dogs, cats, and small pets.

Are you a pet lover who’s looking for a fresh patch of grass to train your pet? Not only new but freshly green, doesn’t this sound paradisiacal?

Try Fresh Batch, an easy-to-use pet sheet! 

Fresh Patch is grown in Southern California, in the United States. It is stylish, portable, and great value for money.

We try to dig more into this product through the following Fresh Patch Reviews.

What is Fresh Patch?

Fresh Patch is a hydroponically grown grass that serves as a training ground for your pets. This means it is as natural as it can be. It is made of grass such as rye, zoysia, fescue, blue, and Bermuda. It comes with an easy-to-carry functional box.

It was launched by a California-based couple almost seven years back and has been a soaring hit since then.

Fresh Patch is an excellent product for pet-parents who-

  • Live in a condominium or an apartment that does not have a backyard.
  • Don’t have time on hand to take their pets out regularly.
  • Don’t like to take their pets out for walks in inclement weather conditions like snow, rain, or even late at night.
  • Have an injured or an older pet?
  • Want to potty-train their new pet
  • They are not very mobile.

For all pet-parents and animal-lovers, Fresh Patch takes care of your pest woes. If you have a bunny rabbit, chinchilla, turtle, hamster, guinea pig, cats, or dogs, Fresh Patch is the best bet! 

Read our Fresh Patch Reviews till the end to know more about this fantastic product.

How to use Fresh Patch:

  • Choose a dedicated spot for Fresh Patch in your home, preferably patio, balcony, an assigned spot in your room, or backyard.
  • Let your pet explore, do not force the pet to use it. 
  • Have patience and be consistent
  • Try to make a connection between your pets’ outside walks and using Fresh Patch.
  • Reward your pet by praising, petting, or giving treats when he uses Fresh Patch
  • Do not punish or scold your pet.

One can buy Fresh Patch online on the website

The website explains very well how to use this product. You can either find information on their training page or talk to a customer representative on the given phone number.

We recommend that you replace Fresh Patch every 1 to 4 weeks. How frequently you return it also depends upon the size of your pet and the frequency of usage.

Specifications of Fresh Patch:

  • Product- Natural Pet grass
  • Website-  
  • Contact- 1-800-783-7109 (for United States)
  • Email-
  • Sizes available- Mini, Standard, Large, and XL
  • Mini size-16/12 inches (for pets that weigh less than 10 lbs), costs $24
  • Standard size- 16/24 inches (for pets that weigh less than 15 lbs), costs $29 
  • Large size- 24/24 inches (for pets that weigh between 15-30 lbs), costs $34
  • XL size- 2/4 feet (for pets that weigh more than 30 lbs or for households with a lot of pets), costs $40
  • Countries available- USA, Australia, and Japan

Pros of Fresh Patch:

  • It is a natural training ground for pets
  • It is convenient and easy to implant
  • Free shipping from FedEx, all over the United States except Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico
  • 100% natural 
  • Has extra-absorbent qualities
  • Maintenance is stress-free
  • Subscribe to their newsletter and save 5%
  • It is easily disposable
  • Is good to use indoors and outdoors both
  • Straightforward cancellation policy
  • It absorbs natural odor so that your place doesn’t smell

Cons of Fresh Patch:

  • Fresh Patch XL does not come with a functional box; you have to purchase it separately
  • During rain, it is advised to either cover the grass or move it indoors.

Customer reviews on Fresh Patch:

  • According to Fresh Patch Reviews, it enjoys a 4.8-star rating on their website.
  • Customers are most happy with the fact that their pets love the Fresh Patch. 
  • The pets get trained easily and also love to play with its soft grass.
  • Caryl Wolff, the owner of Doggie Manners, a reputable dog-training organization in Los Angeles, recommends this product.

Final verdict:

We are happy to conclude our Fresh Patch Reviews on a promising note.

The product was a hit on ABC’s Shark Tank, Oprah’s Favorite Things, and NBC’s Today Show.

These bug-free and soil-free real grass training pads enjoy rave reviews all over the world.

Share your experience of using Fresh Patch by posting your comments here.

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