Freethemass com {Sep} Read and Decide Now!

Freethemass com {Sep} Read and Decide Now!

Freethemass com {Sep} Read and Decide Now! -> Support the Catholics by becoming the part of protest to reopening of Churches in San Francisco.

There are times when the government takes some actions, which troubles people or society. is one such campaign from the people of San Francisco to lift unfair restrictions on reopening of churches to worship and other activities in San Francisco. The government has been taking such severe actions to safeguard people of the United-States against the deadly coronavirus. 

However, there are times when government officials ignore the essentials required for protecting themselves from the effect of Covid-19, and this comes as a response from people of San Francisco relating to the same. is a response from Archbishop Cordileone from Cathedra Plaza.

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What is

On September 13, Archbishop Cordileone from Cathedral Plaza requested faithful San Francisco people to participate in the event. It focuses on reopen churches for worshiping the Lord and other religious activities while maintaining the safety and health measures in the place. He invited the public to participate in allo Catholics to join the protest. In his interview with Catholic Herald UK, the archbishop states that the government is unjustly repressing their right to worship by posing restrictions on indoor services due to Covid-19. 

He has said that with this, the United-States’ government is keeping faithful away from the places of their prayer. Presently, the government is only allowing up to 12 people to pray from outside, and indoor worship is banned. aims to request the government to remove restrictions. 

When will the protest take place?

As per the sources, the protect will start on September 20, 2020, and Eucharistic processions will start their perishes in San Francisco and meet at UN plaza. Then the group will walk till Cathedral and protest while following all the norms of Covid-19, such as masks and social distancing. The protest aims to fight against the restrictions government of United-States has placed on Churches’ indoor worships. The protesters want the government to remove bans and worship following the Corona Virus’s norms. 

Who can participate in it?

Anyone willing to fight against the government norms that restrict people worshiping inside the Church can be a part of this protest. The protest only aims to remove the restrictions, and protestors are ready to follow all government rules. The people of the United-States are always known to fight such issues with a big heart and provide support to protestors to fight burdensome restrictions. In case you have a doubt or any questions to ask, you can connect with Father, John Piderit, SJ. – 347-843-2842.

Final Words is a protest run by the catholic, which is organizing on September 20, 2020, asking the government to remove restrictions from religious places so that people can worship from inside the premises. For more information, you can check out its website, and if you want to support it, do become part of it. You can also check out the timelines of the protest.  

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  1. I, Peggy Moynihan, gladly sign the petition to San Francisco’s government to lift unfair restrictions on the people of faith to participate within their places of worship. We have a Right given by God first, and then our founding fathers, to come together to celebrate the Mass without restrictions as to where the Mass is to be celebrated, indoors or outdoors, being assured that all who desire to worship are accommodated. Likewise, other religions have the same Right to hold services within or without their places of worship for as many worshippers who desire to come together.

  2. We have a 1st Ammendment right to worship as we see fit. Personally, I think that all Christians (Catholics) should exercise their first Ammendment rights, and if necessary sue the government for trying to abridge their God given rights.

  3. I am very happy to see the very strong leadership of Archbishop Cordileone. I am in NYC and sorry I can’t join in person. but I pray for you to have a very strong showing. We need many bishops to stand
    strong this way.
    With prayers,,
    Rosemary Logan
    Breezy Point, NYC

  4. We certainly share the pain of such an anti-Catholic a front to worship, with you (though not as restrictive here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada). Prayer and Fasting we
    can do in hope that it will help remedy this senseless governing body decision.

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