Scam {Sep 2020} Check Out The Details Here Scam {Sep 2020} Check Out The Details Here Scam {Sep 2020} Check Out The Details Here >> Do you want the free game currency of Fortnite? Read this article to know about free V-bucks?

Are you a fan of video games and especially PUBG? You might be knowing of the fact that many countries have already banned it, and most of them are soon going to deny it. SO, don’t you think we need alternatives? 

We have many good games like PUBG, and one of them is Fortnite. It is also a battlefield game. There are many modes, scenes, and options available in this game. If you live in the United States and are a substantial pubg fan, then read this article. 

This article will tell you about the Fortnite game and how it is as fun as PUBG is, so read it. You might also be aware that you need some coins or bonus points to survive again when you die in a game.

This article is on one such website that claims that it gives free Fortnite points to users. We will answer that Is Scam, or is it legal. So, keep reading.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a game where you start playing from an island, and then you can create your world there with your team. You need to save the world from various monsters and fight until you are the last person left.

There are many different modes in this game, as the battle royale mode and within that is party royale, creative, and save the world. In all these modes, you need to play in different ways. Some are rough modes, while others are fun. You can find them on PlayStation and Xbox.

What is is a website in the United States that claims that it will provide the players with a free currency required in the game. The website asks the players to sign-up and then enter the amount of game currency the player wants. 

While signing up, you need to provide the website with your personal and some financial data. Thus, we need to share all our details on this website to earn the game currency. The currency in the game fortnite is V-bucks. Let’s check out here for Scam.

How does work?

When you will sign up on the website and then enter the amount of V-bucks you need, then the website will take you a youtube channel. The research says that this website might be a source to increase the youtube video and channel’s views. There are rumors about Scam.

The is trapping people by offering them free V-bucks that is the game currency of fortnite. When the people come to take these bucks, they are there on the youtube page, and thus this is a scam to increase subscriptions and views. is a scam or is it legit? 

The fake websites in the name of gaming are increasing day by day, and thus we need to be cautious enough and check thoroughly Scam. You need not provide your details on as this website is a scam.

The website does not share the company’s details, and the website is not providing any game currency, and it is just a tool to trap people and steal their data. Thus stay away from this website.

Final verdict: conclusion is that this website is a scam as it does not give any details about the company. The website also asks for the user’s personal information and redirects the user to youtube videos, a foul play.  

Thus, we recommend users to stay away from this website as Scam is real. 

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