Fortnite AFL Tournament (Jan) Know Details To Win!

Fortnite AFL Tournament (Jan) Know Details To Win!

Fortnite AFL Tournament (Jan) Know Details To Win! -> The FORTNITE game has launched a charity football match. You can also participate and win cash rewards after reading our post.

Are you searching for “Fortnite AFL Tournament” details? Many FORTNITE gamers are asking us to illustrated information on the game charity tournament. We will also depict how you can win the rewards by playing smart. However, it would be best to peruse our article until the end to know more about it.

The FORTNITE tournament is gaining popularity in the United States and Australia. It is because the gamers from these two countries are fighting against each other to win big rewards. Are you ready to win the prizes? Please continue reading the post!

What is Fortnite AFL Tournament?

The FORTNITE game is launching a football Tournament that will be played by Australian and United States gamers. Besides, the winning amount is set 100000 AUD dollars. You can grab the winning amount by participating in the tournament and beating the competitors. FORTNITE gaming platform is famous for launching cash-rewarding tournaments, matches, battles, and other duo-game events. 

When will the tournament begin?

It is suggested that the tournament will begin on 21st MAY 2021 and end on 22nd MAY 2021. Since the stakes and winning amount is high, the AFL expects record-breaking player registration as the action unfolds. The tournament will enlist 40 Australian players who will battle to score ranks for 50000 AUD dollars.

The “Fortnite AFL Tournament” will credit the winning amount into your account as soon as you win. Are you confused as how many players can win? We are listing the winning pool in the upcoming section. 

How many players can win?

As mentioned earlier, the Australian league players can win up to 50000 AUD dollars. However, the winning amount will be divided into three winners. The amount of segregation is listed below:

  • The first winner will be awarded 50000 AUD Dollars.
  • A player securing the second position will get 30000 AUD Dollars.
  • The third winner will get 15000 AUD dollars.
  • There is one place for a winner to get 5000 AUD Dollars. It will be credited into the gamer’s account, which will score the fourth position.

What’s More?

As 2020 has tested everybody worldwide on different parameters, the Fortnite AFL Tournament will give the players an equal winning opportunity. The FORTNITE developers are using the tournament for a charity event to help other people who are not gamers. Therefore, many studios and organizations are joining hands for this noble and exciting cause. 

Our Final Thoughts:

ROCKSTAR GAMES AND KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS have joined hands with FORTNITE to launch the tournament in May 2021. The players get three months to practice and increase the chances of their winning. Similarly, you can practice by competing with the top FORTNITE gamers and learn the tricks to win. The Fortnite AFL Tournament is not far away if you wish to win 5000 to 50000 dollars by playing games. Kindly share your views on this significant charity event!

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