Flash Cup Leaderboard NA East {Feb} Check The Results!

Flash Cup Leaderboard NA East {Feb} Check The Results!

Flash Cup Leaderboard NA East {Feb} Check The Results! >> Read about the entire thrill and fun of the recent annual e-sport happened and the gamers had fun.

Are you following the flash cup details?

We are writing here on Flash Cup Leaderboard NA East to provide you each and every detail.

The Flash cup was held on 10th February 2021 by the Fortnight in the United States.

The players or the gamers are excited to know the scoreboard. They have eagerly and excitedly followed the entire event.

But due to different zone timings, several gamers are about to receive the final leader board card.

Let’s know more about it.

About Fortnite competition:

Flash cup is also an annual e-sport where various players take part to win terrific prizes. The final competition result has the seven regions involved in the leadership board, and players have enjoyed the annual event on 10th February 2021.

All about the Flash Cup Leaderboard NA East:

Fortnite is a popular game, and it keeps on holding various competitions amongst the gamers to keep the charm and excitement alive.

In the eastern region of the United States, the game begins at 6:00 p.m. and lasts till 9:00 p.m. as it was three hours competition. The competition was very tough, and as per the rules, the player needs to play only once in all the competition rounds. If anyone of the players fails any match, then they will not be able to try again.

The battle was available for every user and player who can play on various devices like ps4, ps5, Xbox series, Switch, PC, and android for Flash Cup Leaderboard NA East.

The scoring point depends on the game rules’ pattern to each place holder; as a rule, it permits the player to play only a maximum number of 10 matches during the event, which calculates the event’s scoring system.

The team who will score the highest points will be ranked higher on the leaderboard and has the access or chance to win the Flash Skin, Lovely Skin, and Back Bling early.

The Victorians:

The royal game’s victory will entitle you with the most earned points in the top three Positions.

The following rank placements qualify for the outfit and the back bling prize in the Flash Cup Leaderboard NA East.

  • North America East 1st:1750th 
  • North America West 1st – 500th
  • Europe east 1st – 3500th

Further below are the top teams belonging to each region who will receive the Lovely skin and her back bling, as reward:

  • 1st – 125th in Asia
  • 1st – 250th in Brazil
  • 1st – 1,750th in Europe
  • 1st – 125th in Middle East
  • 1st – 875th in NA East
  • 1st – 250th in NA West
  • 1st – 125th in Oceania 

The event was tremendous fun and enjoyable for the players as well as the fans.

Final verdict 

Flash cup fortnight cup event held on 10th February 2021 with the huge success, and the first prize went to 875th position.

The Flash Cup Leaderboard NA East was full of excitement and the event was successful.

Asia was the winner holding first place with 125th position. All the team players have won the chance to get the clash skin lovely skin and black blend and enjoy the fantastic entertainment.

Which was your enjoyable moment during the event? Which team did you support most? Please do share with us in the section below.

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