Fiwellstore com Review  [July] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

Fiwellstore com Review [July] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

Fiwellstore com Review  [July] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? -> In this article, you get to know about a website selling bikes and sports accessories.

Everyone loves to ride bikes, whether it be the city or some adventure on mountain trails. And when it is the question of buying the best bike and other sports accessories. Everyone yearns for good quality at the best prices. Now explore Fiwellstore com Review

Is Fiwellstore com Scam? The question ring in your mind when you hear about this website. Many people are not familiar with it.

This website is more famous nowadays in the United States. Many reviews have arisen from there.

If you are looking for some new experiences from a new website, our Fiwellstore com Review is the must-read article.

What is Fiwellstore com?

Fiwellstore com is website selling bikes and sports accessories. The listed items on this website are on the wish list of many readers, as these items are available in fancy colors and various designs.

Nowadays, the business of health-improving and lifestyle equipment has recorded significant growth. Many companies have started their business expansion on eCommerce websites, and new companies have participated in this business segmentation on new eCommerce websites.

Alarming question is your mind how about the security of your hard-earned money? Is your payment secure enough when you buy from this website? 

What makes us have these theoretical questions in our minds? Is Fiwellstore com Scam or Legit?

Find out more details in our reviews further.

Specifications of Fiwellstore com

  • Website type- bikes and sports accessories
  • Cancellation of ordered items- within 12 hours of placing orders
  • Delivery time of ordered items- within 7 to 25 days as per the country location.
  • Return of ordered items- it can be returned
  • Shipping charge on orders- it is free
  • The contact number of the respective company- 828 242 4494
  • Address of the respective company- 877 S Azusa Ave, City of Industry, CA 91748.
  • The email address of the respective company- not mentioned anywhere
  • The procedure of payment- Using Paypal

Pros of Fiwellstore com

  • Orders can be returned.
  • There is no shipping charges taken on orders placed.
  • Many listed items are unique and new in its product classification.
  • Bike for almost all age groups of different classifications are available on this website.
  • A wide variety of items are listed on the site related to sports needs.

Cons of Fiwellstore com

  • The payment procedure is Paypal only, so the people who do not use Paypal cannot buy. Which is unfair.
  • When a buyer corrects the wrong fed address of the order once placed, they will have to bear the order’s shipping charges to a new address.
  • Many listed items are overpriced, and many things are priced erratically concerning the product genre and specifications.
  • The website collects your cookies and may share your information with others in various ways.

Is Fiwellstore com Scam?

Is Fiwellstore com Scam? There are many things we have researched to conclude this question. As of 18 July 2020, the domain age of this website is 52 days old. Which is means that website is very new in the market. The validity of the SSL certificate of this website is valid till 25 August 2020.

We did thorough research to find more about Fiwellstore com on social media pages and did not see so much right presence or information on this website.

Allow us to guide you more on this website in our Fiwellstore com Review. 

What are customers saying about Fiwellstore com?

There are not so many significant reviews about this website available online. The site itself has excellent rated customer reviews. The customer reviews available online apart from the website are not in favor of this website. 

The reviews on the website itself is all 5-star-rated, and it is too good to be real. A human will always have some complications no matter how good the service you provide; the always 5-star-rate is not practically possible for any industry.

Final Verdict

Binding all our researched information, we find out that the website is new, payment procedures are limited, the trust of this website is deficient all over the internet. The prices of many items are not in order of their product classification and specifications, which is not a good sign.

We want to conclude that Fiwellstore com is a Scam, and we do not recommend anyone to buy from this website as this website is just one of the many scam site which operates for some time and may discontinue operations very shortly.

0 thoughts on “Fiwellstore com Review [July] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

  1. I agree with the conclusion that Fiwellstore com is a fake and a scam as I unfortunately made an order. Only good thing is you can file a complained through PayPal resolution center which is totally time consuming and hectic. I did file a complain with PayPal after I didn’t hear any update from my order. PayPal connected to the seller to provide an update by the deadline. They provided a shipping/tracking number that made my order and this website clearly a fraudulent and fake. So, the tracking details shows a date that my order was shipped even before my order was placed! It states a wrong city and state where I dont live there or never been to there. The last dispute is about the weight of the order which tracking details show it is less than a pound. Considering I placed an adult bike order, this is definitely impossible. Stay away from this website.

  2. I purchased 2 mountain bikes from this site and have asked for a tracking number. They stated that the product has been sent to the post office and that I should get a tracking number soon. Same generic email response each time.

  3. It is legit….I just received my bike from UPS yesterday, 09-17-20. With shipment coming from out of USA and covid-19 delay, it took almost 2.4 months to receive.
    So if you want their prices during this crisis, order early. They track by (three) methods: Shop app, UPS (not USPS) and one other. I think it came from place of manufacture, and things going through customs do take time, just wish we could see or track it better with more detail. I had very little notice and had given up on it, started talking to credit card company for refund…..but it’s HERE, yay!!!!

  4. We ordered a bike July 19th and it just came in today October 21st. I tried filling a dispute with PayPal as I figured it was a scam but fiwellstore responded to the emails, and magically a week later the bike was delivered!

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