Fitwellable Scam [May] – Is It really A Reliable Store?

Fitwellable Scam [May] – Is It really A Reliable Store?

Fitwellable Scam [May] – Is It really A Reliable Store? -> This review gives you insight into an activewear brand.

Wanting to work out but don’t have the right leggings? Tired of any of your pyjamas you work out in riding up? Then it would help if you looked at Fitwellable

When exercising, you require clothing that does not restrict your movement. It, at the same time, ensures the body remains warm, comes in handy in the colder months. It doesn’t hurt that the pants hug every curve on your body and make you look amazing. 

However, since it is a new store a lot of people may be wondering if Fitwellable ScamThen we will tell you that you mustn’t assume before you have gone through the site for yourself. 

Fitwellable website has its headquarters in the United State, the address mentioned on the site will tell you so. 

You will be able to put your queries regarding “is fitwellable legit” through this review as we breakdown the site for you in the subheadings below. 

Is Fitwellable legit? 

Providing legitimacy to a site is confusing and leaves people wondering if the site is worth purchasing from or not, which is why an online store must ensure transparency with the customers. This allows for trust-building amongst the purchasers. 

Even though this site has a recently created, it provides reliable customer reviews. You will spot these on the home page! You will also notice that they give a phone number as well as an email id. Thus, ensuring fully complete contact information. 

Find more details about this site by reading reviews further. 

What is fitwellable?

It is an online shopping site that sells activewear clothing for women, men and children. It lacks an about us page, so it’s difficult to tell about the makers and what they wish to achieve. They provide essential clothing items that are minimalistic. 

So, if you follow a similar lifestyle, you are sure to like this online seller. Each product comes with detailed explanations and instructions on how to take the best care. They are currently only delivering within the United State, and applying a fitwellable coupon will give you more discounts.

What makes Fitwellable unique? 

Their clothing is made up of an organic cotton and lycra blend that ensures softness. It is best, especially in the case of children. You will especially like the site If you are a minimalist. All the outfits are not overly exaggerated and come in neutral colours such as Grey, black and white. 

These make it stand out amongst its contemporaries in the online fashion market. It is hence totally unique. 

Specifications of Fitwellable website 

  • Product- women’s, men’s and kids activewear clothing 
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Phone number- (989) 992-0247
  • Delivery time- not clear 
  • Shipping fee- a $4.99 fee is charged. 
  • Exchange- is free, within 30 days. 
  • Returns- within 30 days of receiving date
  • Refunds- within seven days 
  • Payment- only online via PayPal 

Pros of purchasing from this site 

  • The SSL certificate on the site is valid. 
  • Offers a money-back payment method
  • Clothing is minimalistic
  • The material used to make them ensures softness of clothing. 
  • Offers clothing for men, women and children 
  • Complete contact information 
  • Quick refunds provided 

Cons of purchasing from this site 

  • Misses an about us section 
  • The shipping details are very vague 
  • Can only make online payments 
  • The creation date is less than six months 
  • The clothing range is limited. 

Customer feedback of Fitwellable website 

This possesses reviews of each product it is selling. A lot of the customer reviews comment in favour of the products. 

One comments that the fabric is super soft and will feel like a second skin which makes it ultra-comfortable. In the case of the leggings, no pulling or tugging will be required while working out and seem to hold their shape even after several washes. 

Some customers were not happy with the purchases. They comment that the fabric is not breathable and will heat you. Also, after a couple of washes, the hem started to come off even after following the washing instructions. 

Each product somehow possesses high and modest ratings, which is strange. 

Final Verdict- 

After reading the above analysis, you will have realized that the site that it offers clothing that may be favoured by a select few. Fitwellable has provided enough transparency, which will help you contact them if needed. 

The site gets a thumbs up, and you can make purchases from the site and share your reviews with us! 

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  1. Scam ! Fake company with fake email , phone & address they provide through PayPal
    Then they send you an incorrect tracking number and never respond. No product , no refund
    Run !

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