Find Rose at Steel Farm {Feb} Get All Clues Here & Win!

Find Rose at Steel Farm {Feb} Get All Clues Here & Win!

Find Rose at Steel Farm {Feb} Get All Clues Here & Win! >> Want to face off the unique weekly challenge of the epic game? Read this to find & win challenge.

Are you excited about the weekly challenges thrown by Fortnite Game? Then, you have your eyes on the right place. Fortnite’s Valentine’s Day-themed dares are on the trend. Celebrate the occasion with love and joy. Find Rose at Steel Farmwhere this article will help you in this

The United Kingdomthe United States, Canadaand the Netherlands are excited about this challenge. Read the complete article to tackle the challenge.

What is the challenge to find Rose? 

The player has to find some roses in the Fortnite Week 11 Tasks. The challenge is a romantic and obtuse one, which asks the players to spot a rose at Orchard or Steel Farm. Our article is a guide that will reveal the possible locations to find the flower quickly, with a reward of 20,000 XP. 

Find Rose at Steel Farm on this Valentine’s Day and be the winner of the task as well as the day of love. Players of the United Kingdomthe United States, Canadaand the Netherlands are looking for ways to complete the given challenge.

How to find the Rose?

The player needs to keep going to the Steel Farm, located in the east of the coliseum. The exact whereabouts are:

Steel Farm: Move towards the red house located on the hilltop. Adjacent to the entrance, there’s a bunch of bananas kept in the boxes. To the right of the boxes, you can find the Rose you are looking for. 

Find Rose at Steel Farm or the Orchard

Yes, the player can go to Orchard as well to win this challenge. On this site, there’s a barn, a white house, and a market. You need to head to the white house and have to take the entrance at the front door. There is a table with a vase. Near that, the roses are kept on the floor.

If you want the Rose to be found at Steel Farm only, head to the farmhouse’s northern side. 

That is all required to finish off this Fortnite challenge. On two specific locations of the map, the Rose can be found. 

Find Rose at Steel Farm with a unique trick.

This challenge seems to be solved now as we are here to help you in this so that you can avoid going into the barns to find them. We have told you the exact place of the flowers in advance. Now, the players need not waste their time. Without roaming around aimlessly, choose the location that suits your initial match play style. It will enable you to pick up the Rose speedily, and you can carry on the rest of the match.


Our article has detailed to Find Rose at Steel Farm with the exact location and special tricks to find the flower. This unique challenge of Fortnite is readily available on PS5, Xbox One, Switch, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Android, and PC. Following some boxes of corn and beneath the ridge, the Rose is kept. 

Here is all that we have for you. What do you think of this challenge? Please share your opinions and experience with us in the below comment segment. 

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