Feetify vs Feetfinder: Where to Sell Your Feet Pics?

Feetify vs Feetfinder: Where to Sell Your Feet Pics?

The portals FeetFinder or Feetify exist where publishers of foot-related material may start marketing their foot photos and earning income. The differences between FeetFinder with Feetify have been extensively covered in this post.

We initially thought Feetfinder was the most reliable website for buying and selling images of feet via the Internet. It still receives the highest rating from all foot lovers and offers a secure purchasing and selling process. Try Feetfinder.com now!

About Feetfinder

For artists, FeetFinder provides a fantastic venue. Both their fan base and creator count exceed 100k. Each year, the company offers the best lucrative option to many. FeetFinder offers a tremendous marketplace if you’ve decided to sell photos of your feet. 

How Do I Sell on Feetfinder?

Although there are numerous places where you may market your foot pictures, including OnlyFans and other websites, marketing them via FeetFinder helps you to target an additional audience.

  • You may draw paid clients through your FeetFinder account. 
  • People who offer a recurring fee to watch Feet photos and clips are known as members or followers.
  • You can also compile your feet’ pics into albums.
  • Albums from Feet may be purchased anytime.
  • By receiving a Contribution from people who follow you via FeetFinder, one might make income.
  • With receiving requests for custom videos or foot pictures, FeetFinder has introduced a new revenue stream. 

How To Sign In On Feetfinder?

  • Create an artist account with FeetFinder.
  • To prevent scams, one must then authenticate your identity. 
  • You can begin selling foot pictures via FeetFinder after you have been authenticated.
  • After that, you may offer your foot photos and build collections of them. 
  • The next step is to launch a membership-based revenue strategy where customers pay for a certain sum monthly to access your product. 

About Feetify

An internet community called Feetify puts up foot enthusiasts and images of feet. This site’s platform enables feet artists to display feet using pictures, clips, live streaming, and various multimedia content. 

How Do I Sell on Feetify?

  • Offer customers who spend a regular fee special content. 
  • Enable clients for particular customized foot information. 
  • Provide a forum for visitors to reward or give virtual goods to demonstrate their gratitude. 
  • Interact with subscribers frequently and deliver rewards to maintain their interest.
  • As the audience you attract expands, you might get the chance to work with companies, take part in marketing initiatives, and even gain partnerships.

How To Sign In On Feetify?

  • Join Feetify to develop a compelling account that highlights your feet. 
  • Give true details about who you are.
  • Take beautiful pictures and footage with your legs.
  • The probability of making more money on Feetify might be increased by interacting with people and developing a loyal clientele.
  • Take into account providing personalized material based on specific demands.

Comparing Feetify and Feetfinder

1. Payment Process


  • Conversely, both purchasers and sellers can register freely with Feetify.
  • With Feetify one cannot establish a payment barrier with customers unless you subscribe to the VIP service.
  • Through Feetify, users can receive payment through PayPal.


  • FeetFinder is a billed monthly website for merchants, but customers can sign up without paying anything. 
  • Content producers with FeetFinder may restrict access to individual accounts to just premium subscribers. 
  • FeetFinder uses SegPay or Paxum for payments

2. Safety and Security

    a) Feetify

  • Feetify uses effective moderation procedures to prioritize security and anonymity. 
  • Unacceptable conduct can be reported, users can set limits, and they can block others if needed.

    b) Feetfinder

  • Users of FeetFinder may promote their foot images discreetly, preventing unpaid viewers from browsing them. 
  • Each of its clients has access to better payment options and privacy installations thanks to FeetFinder.
  • Additionally, Feetfinder’s authentication of users process prevents frauds from signing up.

3. Costing

    a) Feetify

  • Selling foot images on Feetify is free of charge. 
  • The premium scheme, on the other hand, is available for purchase at 49 dollars annually.

    b) Feetfinder

  • FeetFinder costs 4.99 dollars every month and 14.99 dollars annually for a membership. 
  • The price for VIP sellers is 14.99 dollars monthly or 29.99 dollars per year.

4. Client Rating and Reviews

    a) Feetify 

  • The online rating for Feetify is 4.5 on a scale of 5. 
  • The evaluations are determined upon a limited number of reviews.

    b) Feetfinder

  • Reviews on the web for FeetFinder rank above average. 
  • It displays an overall score of 4.9 from 5 considering countless remarkably superb reviews.
  • Therefore, FeetFinder appears to be an avenue with greater sales potential that is also safer.


In terms of the enrollment interpretation, both websites couldn’t be more distinct. FeetFinder requires every seller to pay an amount, but Feetify is freely available to sign up for. Feetify and FeetFinder Each offer similar revenue fees but have been recognized among the leading feet specialty sites.

However, we believe with FeetFinder provides the best way to sell feet photos after taking into account the numerous criteria covered in the above post. Because FeetFinder has a far larger customer base than Feetify, we think your prospects of making sales will be better.

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