Feetfinder vs Social Media: The Ultimate Guide for Selling Feet Pics

Feetfinder vs Social Media: The Ultimate Guide for Selling Feet Pics

Do you require additional cash to support your lifestyle? Ever consider making money off of pictures of one’s feet?

Numerous purchasers are prepared to spend the highest prices for pictures with feet, which are under popular demand right now. 

Selling images of your feet may make you some cash. Today, we’ll discuss the top two channels, which are Feetfinder and social media. We’ll choose and discuss the finest platform for marketing and earning money with foot images.

Selling Feet pics


  • Create a source of revenue. 
  • Take some quick and simple photos of your feet. 
  • Your material about Feet might be the foundation of a long-lasting business. 
  • There seems to be a high popularity, which suggests that many people who have a fascination with feet are on the lookout for Foot photos. 
  • You may market photos of your lower legs without exposing your identity.
  • Simple to begin buying feet pictures


  • Many con artists are present who could be intrigued by pictures with your foot and engage you through online platforms.
  • You must be proactive on social networking sites should you desire to expand and earn more income.
  • If your services aren’t offering genuine value, clients have the choice of getting their cash back through chargeback. 


On the website called FeetFinder, users may purchase and offer images and clips of their feet. This is an online store that sells content with foot fetishes. Visitors may choose rates to purchase stuff, establish accounts, and post photos and recordings showing their feet. 

Additionally, FeetFinder offers a message service for customers and vendors to communicate.

According to the portal’s creator, Feetfinder offers the worldwide easiest, safest, along with most trustworthy websites when browsing and buying foot material.

How To Create A Profile on Feetfinder?

  • Create a profile on the Feetfinder website.
  • Use an ID to confirm your profile.  
  • Simply add videos and images to your profile page. 
  • Offer online purchasers a membership.
  • Promote the profile’s links across various social media platforms.

How To Earn from Feetfinder?

  • Write messages to prospective clients using the website’s chat platform to start communication. 
  • The conditions for the deal should be negotiated.
  • Using the site’s transaction handling framework, which deducts a portion from every purchase, you may get funds. 
  • The provider may send the media to the customer via the online platform when the money is finally received.

Via Social Media

You may employ social media for promotion and publicize your work on numerous social media platforms. However, when you want clients, you must first advertise yourself.

Some famous social media platforms to sell feet pics are:

  1. Instagram– Instagram may be used as an advertising strategy to push users to expensive applications and sites where they can pay for selling their photos to make cash.
  2. Twitter– You may build up your account till it becomes popular, and when it does, then can send them to Feetfinder or some other site from which they can purchase your foot pictures.
  3. Facebook– Simply choose “sell something” within the Facebook community you want to market your foot pictures, post what you’re selling, and explain your offering.
  4. Reddit– You must locate a subreddit allowing for the sale and purchase of foot photographs if you want to market feet pictures via Reddit. 
  5. Tiktok– Connect your profile with a platform such as FeetFinder if you’d like to offer up photos of your foot via TikTok. Then, utilize TikTok to market your business.

How To Earn From Social Media?

  • Post content frequently.
  • Don’t disclose your private information.
  • Have discussions to produce personalized images.
  • Accept money from PayPal or other sources.
  • Boost the Visibility of Your Page.
  • Make use of the unique features offered by each social media platform. (Premium subscriptions)

Social Media v/s Feetfinder

  • You can trust that you will be paid because Feet Finder has collaborated with world-class payment providers while on social media no such feature is available.
  • The cut from Feet Finder is minimal while there is necessarily no commission while selling on other social media. 
  • Furthermore, Feet Finder distributes its revenue to be able to boost sales by collaborating and using advertising to entice new customers, while on social media all promotion is self-performed. 
  • From the perspective of the customer, Feetfinder is more reliable and trustworthy than social network sites. 
  • Your followers on social media may not be interested in feet, although the supporters you have with Feet Finder are certainly willing to pay for material that is particularly about feet. 
  • Contrary to other social media platforms that do not have this function, Feetfinder just introduced a membership service that enables customers to sign up for their preferred feet and receive all of their posts for a set monthly charge.


In conclusion, we find that Feetfinder is a superior and more direct setting for selling your foot photos. Compared to other social media sites, Feetfinder provides more features suitable for a seller and buyer of feet pictures. 

To attract more viewers and customers, you can market your Feetfinder profile via social media. The best results for the foot-picture-selling business can be achieved by combining the two channels.

Social Media Content

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