Faulty Us COVID Response Cnn (Dec 2020) Revealed!

Faulty Us COVID Response Cnn (Dec 2020) Revealed!

Faulty Us COVID Response Cnn (Dec 2020) Revealed! >> Why has America ranked top in Covid 19 death toll? – Check the writing to get the authentic information.

What Is Faulty Us COVID Response Cnn? What does the report reveal? – Know all about the Covid crisis through this writing.

Coronavirus, aka Covid 19, caused an unpredicted challenge in human lifestyle Worldwide. People daily life has changed a lot due to this pandemic. When we provide you an insight, the total Covid 19 cases globally are more than 2600000, which are officially confirmed; if we added the unofficial instances, then the number will rise higher.

More Information about Covid 19:

Around 213 countries and terrains are registered that the people from that area are affected due to this pandemic. Following Faulty Us COVID Response Cnn, few countries have taken steps to slow down the spreading of Covid 19 virus. However, people are still getting affected now. People Worldwide are buzzing about the ending of the pandemic.

What has happened with America?

America registered its first Covid 19 case on 20th January 2020; after then, the number increased rapidly; the US has been ranking top in Covid 19 affected list for a long time. The number of affected people touch millions. Let us check what does the report say about it

What does Columbia University Earth Institute Report reveal Related to Faulty Us COVID Response Cnn?

Columbia University Earth Institute Report for Covid 19 disaster reveals that the lack of people awareness, inadequate testing for Corona Virus, is the main reason that the US is ranked top in Covid 19 death toll among the counties. They also mentioned that a lack of compulsory masks wearing and late response is also a reason for this huge crisis.

They said that it was possible to evade death and affected people counts by the former policy interferences and more powerful federal assistance and direction.

What does Johns Hopkins University say about Faulty Us COVID Response Cnn

According to the Johns Hopkins University report, there is a chance above 8.3 million cases will come up around the US, and 221000+ deaths will happen.

A detailed message of Dr. Irwin Redlener:

Dr. Irwin Redlener is the founding director of the National Centre for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia, conveyed that- there is a possibility that the number showing death and affected people can be lowered. If the Administration of Donald Trump acted on the recommendation from the public and scientific health community.

He also said the country has recently faced a second wave of this virus disease; they need to hold authority liable. The inadequate response causes this tremendous loss, and it will have long-lasting outcomes for numerous American households.

What does Jeffrey Sachs say?

Following Faulty Us COVID Response Cnn, Jeffrey Sachs is a professor of health policy & management in Columbia said- The administrations of Donald Trump have downplayed the crisis, as well as they ignored the fundamental guidelines of Public Health when the first case of Covid 19 registered.


The US has been showing numbers of affected people more significant among all of the Covid hit countries. The reports are mentioned that the increasing number is due to a lack of attention to this crisis’s seriousness. The number can be lowered if the administration took action firmly and followed the guideline of Public Health.

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