Fashionnel Com Reviews (Dec) Is This Legit Or Fake?

Fashionnel Com Reviews (Dec) Is This Legit Or Fake?

Fashionnel Com Reviews (Dec) Is This Legit Or Fake? >> This report presents a thorough analysis of the legitimacy of a website that has minimal products. 

Are you looking for a website that covers all your need from electronics to self-care? We have analyzed many technical Fashionnel com Reviews and will present to you details about the authenticity of this site later in this report.

There are thousands of merchants in the United States who have shifted to the online market to sell their products. But in the herd of legit merchants, some scammers are waiting for you to invest your money in them.

Thus, this report will help you with the exact steps to find out whether a website is legit or not.

What is

Considering the Fashionnel com Reviews, is just a five+-month-old website that seems to provide electronic, clothing and toiletries.

The products available on the site are work-relax table, car phone clip holder, foldable mini drone camera, wireless earbuds, Diamond money clutch, Money Towel, Money Toilet paper, and rug.

The above products that we have mentioned are the only product range available on the site. Hence, the site seems to have a limited product range. There are no social media account available online by the brand’s name. Hence we could not find any Fashionnel com Reviews from the customers. 

The HTTPS security protocols protect the servers, and the site seems to have SSL Encrypted Payment Gateways. Also, the user interface provided on the website is simple but confusing. Also, the site offers you newsletter services. 

Specifications of

  • Stock Category: Toiletries, jewelry, bags or clutches, and electronic products.
  • Website Link:
  • Launch Date: 8 July 2020
  • Email Address:
  • Contact Number: Not Available
  • Address: Xehia trading Ltd, 27 Hardy Avenue, Dartford, Kent, England,DA1 2FE
  • Shipping Charges: Free Express Shipping on orders above $39, as per the Fashionnel com Reviews
  • Delivery Time: Not Clear
  • Cancellation: Applicable before the order is shipped
  • Return: 14 Days Policy
  • Refund: soon after product inspection
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, American Express, Visa/ Master Card, Maestro

Pros of shopping from

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Https protocol applied
  • Payment mode SSL encrypted
  • Newsletter option available
  • No suspicious word found in the domain name
  • A website not blacklisted by a technical reviewer

Cons of shopping from

  • Zero Fashionnel com Reviews from customer 
  • Contact Number not available on the site
  • Limited product in the stock
  • The website does not provide a delivery time
  • The address provided by the site is fake
  • No social media accounts
  • Meagre traffic of site’s server
  • “About Us” page not informative
  • Product are not sorted properly

Is Legit? 

The website has showcased unsorted products online. The number of products are also limited. There is no estimated time of delivery mentioned on the website.

Hence order from this website creates a dilemma in customer because they are unaware of when they will receive their order. The website does not have any Fashionnel com Reviews from the customers of the United States to support the authenticity of the website. Also, the brand name is not present in any socials media platform.

The site has not provided any customer care number for customers which is extremely necessary in case of query and complaints. The address available on the site is not of the shop address. 

Hence due to the above critical pointer, we found this website suspicious. 

What are Fashionnel com Reviews?

We found many technical reviews online claiming that the website follows the essential network security protocol and is safe to browse. 

We do not find any strong opinion from the customer on any social media platforms; none of the product reviewing website has reviewed the product available on

Also, we believe that with the absence of estimated delivery time and contact number, it is tough to gain the trust of the customer. Hence the website needs to work on its transparency.

Also, the products are not sorted correctly. Hence it might create a sense of discomfort for the customer to find their desired product.

Bottom Line

After researching a lot about this website, we would recommend our readers to not shop from this site unless you have solid proof or Fashionnel com Reviews supporting that the website provides satisfactory services to their customers. 

Products available on the website are so unpredictable and limited that their first impression of the website is suspicious. 

We would recommend you not to share your details on the website as it might result in phishing emails and calls. The website does not picture itself as trust-worthy. 

If you have shopped from this site, please comment below and share your experience. 

7 thoughts on “Fashionnel Com Reviews (Dec) Is This Legit Or Fake?

  1. Ordered a relax table from them , it turned up on time but was nothing like the product advertised and paypal took all of 21 minutes to side with me for a refund of the full amount.

  2. I ordered two Work-Relax tables as advertised but what I received was not what I ordered. I sent an email describing in detail now they had provided non-conforming items, complete was pictures of what I ordered and of what they delivered, as well as a screen shot of their page originally offering the product. I asked about when I could get the items I ordered and paid for. Immediately, I received a response from “ALIEN EBIKE ” informing that my items had been shipped and giving me a link for tracking the items they sent, completely ignoring the substance of my issue.

  3. I believe to be a scam and I fell right into it. I ordered one of their Work-Relax Tables only to wait almost a month and instead receive a crappy plastic folding computer stand. I have sent them a letter out today but I am already thinking I got scammed. I would suggest not ordering anything from this site.

  4. I ordered the work-relax table as shown on the website and in the check out photo. I received a very inexpensive plastic stand. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

  5. I paid for the Work, Relax table back in December, 2020 have not received the purchase yet. Was corresponding with a couple of people, from this company, but when I showed the information sowing my purchase, they never responded to me anymore.
    I’m still waiting for my money, or my purchase. Can’t get anyone to respond to me

  6. I believe Fashionnel com is a scam. I live in the United States. I ordered a wooden Work-Relax Table from them but recieved a plastic foldable laptop holder. I tried to contact the several times to no avail. The customer care email is not working []. This email works [] but when you write to the owner of the email, you will be telling him/her one thing and he/her will be saying another.
    In my own opinion, this Fashionnel com is a SCAM and should be blocked.

  7. I believe Fashionnel com is a scam. I live in the United States. I ordered a wooden Work-Relax Table but received a plastic foldable laptop holder. I tried to contact them several times to no avail. The customer care email is not working []. This email works [] but have only received auto responses that my item has been shipped with reference to the tracking website. I am taking the advice of another reviewer to request a refund from Paypal.

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