Fallinall Reviews [Jan] Is Fallinall Legit Or Fake?

Fallinall Reviews [Jan] Is Fallinall Legit Or Fake?

Fallinall Reviews [Jan] Is Fallinall Legit Or Fake? >> This post will discuss a multi-genre website that offers festive products, and we will explore the website’s authenticity.

Are you looking for a multipurpose website with exciting offers on the products? Let’s look into Fallinall Reviews and see if this website can earn our trust. 

With the festival around the corner, we all know that the United States has a massive sale in almost all the shops, and customers prefer to shop from a place with substantial sale offers and the highest quality. 

But during the festival season, many people intend to con others with fake sites to lure them into their trap. This website usually has random products in their stock with the shallow price range. 

Hence, it is beneficial to do a proper background check on the Site from which you are trying to order products for the first time. This extensive report will provide you insights on how you a spot on a fake website. 

What is Fallinall.com?

As per the Fallinall Reviews, Fallinall.com is an 11 days old e-commerce site that seems to have multi-genre and customized festival-based products and offers its range in the United States.

The few products available on the sites are beautiful hanging lights, the silver lining Christmas ornament, sofa covers, scratch repair agent tube, table and chair covers, Keepsake ornament, pet fur shaver, and portable car heater and fans. 

The Site also offers newsletter and notification service to the customers to keep them updated on the new coming products and exciting offers. 

The website’s product list is limited, and the website interface is not user-friendly; hence, you might face some difficulty browsing through the website. 

The HTTPS network safety protocol followed by the website is an additional plus point. The website does not have any social media accounts; hence it has not received any compelling Fallinall Reviews.

Specifications of Fallinall.com

  • Product Type: Multi-genre, themed, customized products 
  • Created on 25 November 2020
  • Website: https://fallinall.com/
  • Email Address: customerserviceTian@outlook.com
  • Telephone: Not Available on the Site 
  • Offline address: Not available on the Site
  • Shipping Charges: $4.99(order below $29), Free(orders above $29), $6.99(Express Shipping)
  • Delivery Time: Not clear 
  • Return / Exchange: 14 Days return policy 
  • Refund: Soon after order inspection 
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal 

Pros of shopping from Fallinall.com

  • Beautiful festive-themed product 
  • Detailed product description 
  • Free shipping available 
  • Return, Exchange, and refund option available

Cons of shopping from Fallinall.com

  • The “About Us” section is copied
  • No Fallinall Reviews available
  • No social media profiles found
  • Limited product range
  • No contact number provided
  • No information about the estimated delivery 

Is Fallinall.com Legit?

The very first impression of the website does not provide what the intent of the Site is. The product range of the website is quite limited. The price of the product is shallow. 

The “About Us” section of the website seems copied because there is some other brand. There is no information about the estimated delivery time provided by the Site. 

There is no mention of the contact number or the offline address of the store. Hence this creates a tremendous sense of mistrust among customers. Therefore there is no Fallinall Reviews provided from the customer end. 

The website does not have any social media account to do its branding online and attract more customers. 

The website’s policy section is also copied, and the Site offers a single mode of payment to do the transaction. We all know that anyone can have a PayPal account. The website has a shallow trust index of 2%. 

Hence, we do not find this website legit. 

What is customer Fallinall Reviews

Many technical reviewing websites have confirmed that the website predicts some suspicious activities. The website has low traffic on its servers. 

Talking about customer reviews, we could not find any reviews online. Hence it is recommended that you should avoid putting your bank details on this Site. 

Final Verdict:

In the end, we would like to inform you that we do not get a positive feeling from this Site. Hence it is advised to stay away from this website. 

With the coming festivals, many fake websites are getting launched daily; if you are one of those unfortunate ones who have already purchased from this website, please raise an issue in PayPal to get your money back. 

Hence, technical Fallinall Reviews is quite disappointing, and there are not online customer feedback available. It is better to shop from an offline store during the festival season to avoid getting conned. 

Please comment below and share your feedback if this report was helpful. 

2 thoughts on “Fallinall Reviews [Jan] Is Fallinall Legit Or Fake?

  1. Very help has sent several emails to find the location of my order an have gotten know response. The tracking number they provided has not current updates on locations an very hard too use as well.

  2. I suspect this is a scamming company! Today is March 30 and I have not received the 4 small items I ordered in December! After numerous emails and fake tracing number I still do not have the items. PayPal is investigating and I am going to contact Facebook to register a complaint. Do NOT order anything from this company!!!

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