Factcheckzuck Com (Nov 2020) Scroll Down for Reviews.

Factcheckzuck Com (Nov 2020) Scroll Down for Reviews.

Factcheckzuck Com (Nov 2020) Scroll Down for Reviews. >> This article mentions the issue of censorship that Facebook has issued against a person.

Hasn’t the issue of censorship been in the long debate for a very long time? There are so many fact-checkers worldwide in terms of websites, but there is a fact-checker website on Facebook, and the website is Factcheckzuck com. Against the given social media platform, there is a suit that an American author has filed. 

As far as filing of the suit is concerned, it is usually done to recover any claim or right. The author who has filed the lawsuit is from the United States, and she’s in the public domain. Many things are in the public domain, and the way things are going on in the world, it seems that people are deciding what they think is right or wrong.

If any website claims that the given user has done something wrong, then it is the website’s right to put censorship on the given person. Still, apart from vulgarities, if the views differ, it is not appropriate for any site to block someone’s right to express their views.

What is Factcheckzuck com?

It is a website that mentions that the American author Candace Owens is facing a kind of discrimination because Facebook has blocked her account because it does not agree with her opinion on coronavirus disease.  

She claimed that whatever statement she made is from the doctors who have the research on the disease of coronavirus. Factcheckzuck com found that she claims that even though my comments may be against the statements of the particular website, it doesn’t mean that the company will censor my account. 

She also claims that her account has gotten demonetized, and she no longer may use it to make any financial benefits. All these reasons led her to file a lawsuit against the giant company of Facebook and its owner.

Is censorship, always right?

Suppose you talk about censorship many times. In that case, it is done to suppress the people’s voices if their opinions differ from the views of the particular website or particular category of people. 

Factcheckzuck com also found that many times those people against whom there is censorship are there because their views are either vulgar or not appropriate according to the values of society, which is why most of the time, any censorship is done against any user of any account.


The topic of censorship has been in the news for all time. As far as those people against whom the censorship is issued, they may go through the law to protect themselves under censorship if the law gives the verdict in their favor. 

Because it is the election season, especially in the US, people have different opinions on many topics. Factcheckzuck com analyzed that just because someone’s view is different, it doesn’t mean that censorship is issued against that person unless the views may harm the society or the company itself.

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