Fabyvilla com Reviews {Oct} Is This Genuine Or A Scam?

Fabyvilla com Reviews {Oct} Is This Genuine Or A Scam?

Fabyvilla com Reviews {Oct} Is This Genuine Or A Scam? >> Kindly access the relevant information on the shopping website that deals in all kinds of women wear and accessories. 

Are you confused about shopping from fabyvilla.com? Then, please check our Fabyvilla com Reviews

Women-oriented online fashion clothing store Faby Villa is launched in India. It brings stylish collections of western and traditional clothing. The listed fabrics and items look so good that anyone trust so easily. But, we always tell our readers to use intelligence before buying products from e-commerce sites. And we help them by posting reviews from time to time. 

Please make sure not to skip any part of this article to check Is Fabyvilla com Legit? And read the answer as below.

What is Faby Villa?

Fabyvilla com Reviews stated that the store is specially created to sell women-based products. It offers beautiful ethnic wears, western clothes, accessories, handbags, and footwear

Access all the items at cheap rates by ordering online from your mobile or laptop. But, Study the essential terms in the specifications first. 


  • Visit the store-wwwfabyvilla.com.
  • Connect with the store for all your queries at the following contact details-
  • M: +91 6158054580; Email-fabyvilla@gmail.com
  • Offer- Get 10 percent off on your first purchase after getting the company’s newsletter subscription.
  • Estimated delivery time- 4 to 5 business days (India).
  • Return or Exchange method- Not given. 
  • Cancellation guidelines- Absent. 
  • Shipping details- Missing on the website. 
  • Refund Information- Not mentioned. 

So, these are all vital statements about the website which every shopper should understand. Now, please have a look at Fabyvilla com Reviews to read the Faby Villa store’s positives and negatives. 

Positives of the Fabyvilla.com

  • Whether you want ethnic lehenga, long dresses, matching accessories, sandals, or fantastic footwear, Fabyvilla has it all at economical prices. 
  • They deliver packages in a short time. Thus, buyers do not need to wait for long to get their favorite items. 
  • It has SSL encryption that means the domain is safe. 

Negatives of the Fabyvilla.com

The underneath prime statements of the website portal should be very crucial. Please scrutinize every point mindfully. The overall efficiency of the store is based on the given data:

  • The website’s homepage looks unprofessional. The product’s graphics are uploaded with a single picture. The details of the products updated are not sufficient. 
  • The rates of the products are indigestible. We didn’t seem such ravishing items or quality fabrics at excessively low prices.
  • The web store is launched on August 05, 2020.
  • We found social media icons (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) on the website in its ‘GET IN TOUCH’ option. But, when we clicked on those symbols, it leads to the Fabyvilla homepage page again. 
  • The absence of an about us section, address of the store, details of the CEO are some negatives about this store.

If still, you’re thinking- Is Fabyvilla com Legit? Then, we can’t proclaim it as legit. 

What are customers saying?

Unfortunately, our team could not be able to get customer feedback from the Faby Villa store. The customer has not been posted opinions on its official website. We checked on the internet as well. We tried to find social apps also. Sadly, we didn’t get one. 

Neither has it had customer ratings, nor we found remarks related to product or service. As you know, it is launched in a few months ago. It might be why the web store could not grab the Fabyvilla com Reviews from clients.  

Final Verdict 

The website’s legitimacy can be judged by reviewing factors such as product images, content, SSL, website age, social media appearance, company policy, etc. 

If we check the ‘Negatives of the Faby Villa store’ part, we read many disadvantages. And, yes, the website didn’t create essential pages such as refund, returns, shipping policy, contact us and about us. The details are also absent from the site. It didn’t mention the delivery time.

It hides the particulars of the creator of the store. Online shoppers put trust in the new business checks the details of the founder as well. Thus, it can increase the level of doubts of customers. 

One of the big suspicious things we found is the product price. The rebate percentage is not at all acceptable. 

After evaluating the full Fabyvilla com Reviews, we wouldn’t suggest Faby Villa to our readers at any cost. Please don’t waste your money. 

Finally, if you want to say something or previously ordered a product from this store, we encourage you to write in the comments part. Your feedback can be useful for other readers too. 

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