Eyebuydirect Reviews [Sep 2020] Is It A Legit Store?

Eyebuydirect Reviews [Sep 2020] Is It A Legit Store?

Eyebuydirect Reviews [Sep 2020] Is It A Legit Store? >> Are you looking for stylish eyewear at an affordable range? Read the full article to get the lead.

With the world becoming digital, everything is available online now. From a needle to a vehicle, one can purchase anything by sitting at home and clicking on their devices.

If you want to buy eyewear but stepping back because of the high cost, we have got Eyebuydirect Reviews for you. Eyebuydirect.com is an online website that has a vast range of sunglasses and eyewear.

The website deals directly with the factory to the buyers, so the cost is affordable.

The store works for regions of the United States and many countries.

Give a read to our article on Eyebuydirect.com Reviews to know more.

What is Eyebuydirect.com?

Eyebuydirect.com is an e-commerce website for quality eyewear at an affordable price. The company plans to provide a good quality of vision at a low cost so that everyone can take benefit from it.

The founder of the company is Roy hassle, who got this idea while he was traveling. He realized that not everyone has access to the proper vision, which is very important for humans. So he decided to manufacture glasses with quality and style at pocket price. The manufacturing started in the United States and later spread to a few other regions.

Eyebuydirect.com does in house manufacturing, including concept and designing. The manufacturer directly sells to the customers, which cuts the other middle charges. They don’t have any walk-in store where you can visit personally; they have only an online optical store.

We also looked for Eyebuydirect Reviews on various platforms and found it satisfactory.

Besides, the company does regular donations and charity to a nonprofit organization, helping people keep the cost low and quality high. They distribute the glasses to people in need by their popular scheme of buy 1 get 1.

They provide many style selection, popular designer brands, and lenses with prescription and non-prescription both. If you are looking for sunglasses or eyeglasses, Eyebuydirect.com is worth giving a try.


  • Website Product – Eyecare product
  • Founder – Roy Hessel
  • Website URL – https://www.eyebuydirect.com/
  • Shipping time – Ships in 7-15 business days
  • Free shipping on orders above $99 across the United States
  • 365-day product guarantee

Pros and cons of Eyebuydirect.com


  • Best quality at affordable price
  • 365 days product guarantee
  • Popular brands also available
  • Two days of delivery service at a reasonable cost
  • Social media presence – yes with Eyebuydirect Reviews


  • No brick and mortar store location
  • Only available online
  • No return pickup, you have to ship yourself
  • EBD credits are nonrefundable
  • The return policy has a 14 days return policy where you can return the product if you don’t like it without any questions.
  • Return shipment is the customer’s responsibility, and they need to inform via mail, chat, SMS, or phone after making shipment to receive the refund.

Is eyebuydiect.com legit?

Our research and Eyebuydirect Reviews by customers say the website is legit and worth buying. Few factors lead to a step back, such as no in-store selection, return policies, and so on, but the overall thoughts are that Eyebuydirect.com provides premium quality at such a low price. 

The website was registered in 2005 by Wild West domains, LLC. The register city was Texas, United States.

The website has a social media presence, which means the store stays connected with its customers through different modes.

With all the trustable factors, we are confident that the website is legit and useful.

What customer says?

Customer reviews are always impactful in buying any product. The Eyebuydirect Reviews are mostly positive as customers find the website and products both worth of price. A customer says she is pleased with the quality and has ordered lenses as well. They are also happy with customer service and response.

Final verdict

Eyebuydirect.com is an online optical shop that sells a vast range of eyewear products at an affordable price and has good Eyebuydirect Reviews. The website is more than five years old and is connected to various nonprofit organizations that prove its legitimacy.

The store sells women and men eyewear, including sunglasses, affordable eyeglasses, blue light lenses, progressive lenses, transitions lenses, bifocal lenses, and prism lenses.

The website has valid contact information and customer service. They also have mentioned their store policies and terms and conditions. 

They also help get prescribed and non-prescribed eyewear and, if needed, get you in touch with genuine doctors.

The shipping takes 7-14 days and free shipping on orders above $99 across the United States, making it a website with great deals. 

By analyzing all the research and facts, we have concluded that Eyebuydirect.com is a useful website that sells good quality. It is defiantly worth trying.

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